Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Oh Right! I went to NY!

Let's start November blogging off with a bang shall we? Well, when I say that, I realize it's kinda a stupid saying and also, it's a lie. It's quarter past ten. I'm going to bed very soon. Mostly pictures. No bang at all.

So yeah, I'll be blogging every day in November. I like saying that like it's really going to happen. Twice even. One will be a single picture post, one will be a regular post. But let's start off with New York. I'd just like to say that I went to NY for five days for 740 dollars. Canadian. Including airfare. That all said and boasting aside, next time I go, I'd like to spend a lot more.

Anyhoo, on to the pictures!

Firstly, Ozzie: the star of Brooklyn. I love this cat.
And my first real day in NYC we went to the fashion district (kinda dirty really) but got to meet Swatch! Who is kind of a bad dog at times. But still! Swatch!
While at Mood I bought some beautiful silk charmeuse for Hazel. It's stupidly soft.
We also went to the Daphne Guiness exhibition at FIT. I'd link but I'm really tired. It's completely worth googling. This woman basically wears insanity on a daily basis. Some of her outfits are beautiful and inspiring, some are scary, some are stupid, but they are all very entertaining.
On the last day we walked around Chelsea and Soho and Madison and Fifth and Central Park. Lots of fun. In no particular order we saw dinosaur bones...
giant crucifix (this was actually on my last day there right in a cemetery right by the wall street occupation but it's such a hassle to move photos)
we went to the folk museum and saw awesome quilts. This one was my favorite.
look at this! INSANE!
Purl soho where I bought the most scrumptious madeline tosh light and managed not to buy liberty fabric for 36$ a metre.
Oh, and one morning we all just got dressed up in coloured tights. That's Dory on the left, she is who Kat and I stayed with in NY. Lovely lady. Great hair.
Here are my tights while I was walking through a little water fountain on the highline.
These sculptures are all around NY subways and are too awesome.
Here is the highline. It's an old railroad about two stories up that has been converted into a green space. It's nice. At first I didn't get what all the fuss was about but after walking around NYC for a bit I understood the need for more green space. It had some really nice spots to sit and watch the water or the traffic below.
Rhinebeck! Woo! It was fun and frankly, those apple cider doughnuts made the whole trip for me foodwise. There was a lot to look at and we didn't even get through all the tents. Lots of fleece but I haven't spun for ages and still have my sweet georgia panda to get through.
Lara! We got to spend time fondling yarn and talking all things fibre just like old times. I sure miss her! It was great getting to see her. I mauled her in the middle of the food lines I was so happy.
Okay, upstate NY is so ridiculously different from NYC it's, yeah, ridiculous.
The first place we went to had this amazing silk/merino yarn that I desired so bad. It's called Raspberry Souffle by Periwinkle Sheep. She's so nice I had to link to her. I didn't want to blow my Rhinebeck budget on the first place we went to so I left the four skeins lovingly behind. I almost think this was the wrong place to start with because it set our expectations so high for everything else. There were a lot of great vendors there but I was just comparing everything to Periwinkle Sheep. We went to two nice, but somewhat underwhelming tents and I freaked out and was like... we have to go back for the Raspberry Souffle! (haha- I typed souggle!) Thankfully on our way back we passed some amazing stalls that made me gasp and fondle yarn so that was good. Regardless, we went back and I could only find two skeins of the yarn. I wanted enough to make a sweater. I asked the owner if she had any more and she said she didn't but then, I spotted in a tub that wasn't suppose to be holding the silk yarn two more skeins of the Raspberry Souffle! I was so happy that I made lots of stupid high pitched noises and did a little dance. Due to the embarrassing display of fibre love the owner gave me a discount on all four! So nice. The yarn is so lovely it sits on top of the TV in honor.

The other yarns I got from Rhinebeck were from Dirty Water and are a gorgeous orange and dark blue/purple. The brilliant purple there is my tosh light which is halfway knit into a shawl right now. It's like butter.

Well, that was New York. There was amazing pulled pork, guys singing on the subway, people discretely asking us if we wanted to follow them to buy designer purses (we didn't), dressed up dogs, and a whole lot of culture, noise, and good times. It rocked. I want to go back. Rhinebeck 2013 folks! Yeah!

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