Monday, November 07, 2011

Sorry About Yesterday

I have no idea how I forgot to blog yesterday. Until now I thought I had blogged. That is so weird. Blogger didn't eat it or anything- I didn't blog. I just... didn't blog. Weird. Anyhoo- moving on.

I hung out at home tonight hoping to get called for work tomorrow. I didn't which is super stupid. Means I'll probably get called tomorrow either at 5:30am or I'll get a call right at 9am and have to panic out the door. Or I won't get called. Which is the stupidest option of all. Don't people know I have students loans?

Right! Blog entry topic back on track. Debt angst off to the side for now. So yeah, I'm sitting watching the back to back Come Dine With Me Canada episodes and knitting. I stick a safety pin in where I start so I can better see my progress. It worked beautifully.
You know, detailing I was making poached salmon (a success! Hazah!), emailing, playing with the kitten, and cleaning, I feel I got a lot done. I also made myself a few martinis along the way. I had pomegranate juice that needed to be finished and hey- I'm not about to let the world's most expensive pomegranate juice go to waste. Oh look- vodka and limes. Mm. Anyhoo, great- look at all this knitting.Look at how much of the sweater I've gotten done! Finish this sleeve then it's the yoke, steeking, collar, and button band! Wow.
Hm. That's interesting. Did you see it? Here's a close up. (It's not the kitten)
No more martinis while reading charts.


Julia said...

i though you were you were out last night! you should have come visited.

Mom said...

I just thought it was another part of the pattern! What did I miss??