Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well... Hell

I was going to post about healthy eating and exercise but um, I just updated blogger and this is weeeeeird.  I feel like my blog needs to change now too.  I did start this blog as a computer science course requirement (aced that class but then knowing how to turn on a computer meant you aced that class) and it was during my whole William Blake obsession.  Hm.  I'm worried I'll change the blog and it'll become ruined.  What do you all think?  Time for a new quote?  New colour?  New theme?  Quoi?  Quoi?

And just to put this out there, it's not as easy to make cherry blossoms out of crepe paper as you'd think.  Especially if your requirements are that kindergarten students who are as diverse as my yarn collection can all do them as well.  I think I have a design but I'll let you know on the weekend what happened in the classroom.

This new layout is just plain freaky.  Blarg.

P.S. Mom the magazine that has the sweater I want to knit was published in 1973.  

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tammy said...

Ummm, so yeah. It's a bit dark in here, right? Weird. Watcha gonna do? Move? Redecorate?

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Annnnndddd, you're the second person to mention Bread and Meat to me in the last week. We should go, right? It's kismet. :)