Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And now I'm back


I'm breathing now. (for drama show... see previous blog of about... oh three minutes ago)

I'm not a failure. I'm very smart (Jenn says so and she's really smart so she must be right).

Reasons I'm smart.
  1. realizing that I am unhappy and doing something about
  2. realizing that I am ignoring aspects of my life that I love like my friends, family, and artwork
  3. realizing that going to school for thirty two months straight is insane
  4. realizing that attending school for another year means I can apply to places like University of Victoria, UBC, SFU, as well as UNBC
So I'm not crying anymore, though I can't promise I won't again because I am a complete spaz, but I promise that I won't cry about this decision. And even though I want to go back and delete my last blog, I won't because I think it's hilarious that I had a nervous breakdown in blogdom. Heh. Wheeeeeeeeee for me.

In other news, I got a kick ass japanese animation artbook that displays all the popular artists right now and it's amazing. I got it with the gift certificate from my aunt and cousins. I love them.


Jenn said...

Um, in your break-down post you mentioned how you "had been drinking"...

dude, you had ONE vodka and coke. Short.

Hee. I can post this because you are sitting next to me and you laughed and said "yeah" when I said that out loud.

julia said...

well, as jenn has pointed out, and as i'd like to point out, you could take like 8 more years to finish and you would still beat both of us.

and i think you are making a very mature and very wise decision.


Melly said...

Yeah, I did too much school for too long without taking a break. You know what I learned? Counselling is expensive ;-)

Good job for trying to create balance for yourself; that's more important anyway.

Anonymous said...

You have made some good decisions darling and they were ones you came to on your own, perhaps with a little help from family and friends, which is as it should be.

Love Mom

The Bears said...

I think you chose the wise path. Education should never get in the way of learning.

OK Bye
Noel "Snowflake" Chompsky

cohen said...

Boy, everyone has all these wise comments and all I was going to say was "yeah, you totally are very much smart" (so smart I bet you can't help but correct that statement).

And maybe now you will have more time to spend with ME!