Friday, January 27, 2006

Kinda caught up.... a little I guess

So I'm not quite caught up in my biology homework but we do three chapters a week so it's hard to keep up on the current stuff as well as go over the past stuff. I'm still doing the readings before class but I've gone back to redo my notes for the chapters because I was not understanding what was going on. It makes me appreciate my friends Adrienne and Jodi more because biology is ridicously hard.

So incase nobody knew this yet.... Jenn and Jim are getting married in Costa Rica in March! 2006! Then Jim and the Bears are moving here! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!! Fun-ness is going to Jenn's blog and going through the present registry. I've already decided what I'm going to get them but I don't know if I should get it now or wait till Jim moves here. Knowing me, I'll get it pretty soon because I loooove giving presents. I'm thinking of ordering it while they are in Costa Rica and giving Jenn a card for them to open on their wedding day with a picture of what it is. That's a good idea eh? I'm so happy for them!

My room is trashed. Last night I went around and picked up all the receipts (is that spelled right?) and misc. paper off my floor except for the one corner of my room that is a mass of clothing, papers, and books. And the area by my door. That's a mass of papers, knickknacks, and bags. Oh, but the kitties had fun last night when I changed my sheets. Spike will stay underneath the covers no matter how hard you nudge him, he'll just burrow deeper, and Chuck just spazzes out constantly and will a) attack the sheets, scare himself b) attack Spike under the sheets, get scared c) attack my hand when I tucks the sheets in, get scared or d) spaz out for no reason.

Oh, and that flashing picture on my previous blog entry was suppose to be a link to this but for some reason it didn't work. sigh.

And thanks to Mom for telling me about this.
North by Northwest Knits on Saturday Jan 21..with a show all about this very popular art/craft. For those interested in the Scarf Swap here's how it will work: everyone who sends in a hand knitted scarf will get one in return from another BC knitter. Please include with your scarf a note with your name and address, sone information about the pattern and the wool and some little anecdote about you and knitting. The Swap will continue through Feb and possibly into March depending on the response from around BC.

Otherwise, my life has been pretty low-key of late. It's been lovely having Jim here. I work a lot, well, every Saturday and Sunday so I don't really have a technical day off but Thursday my only class is from 630 to 8 so meh. Last week I slacked on school work and watched a lot of TV (I heart Project Runway) so this week has been a mad scramble to catch up which was unfortunate because it's hard to 'catch up' on something that is due that day... like let's say a colliquium paper, or an annotated bibliography. Yeah. Not the best plan of attack.

Away I go!

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Jenn said...

That knitting thing is cool. Go mom!