Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Sock

So this is the Hedera sock from Knitty, designed by Cookie A. I'm knitting them with Regia sock yarn, and I can't remember the name of this colour scheme. It's very pretty no? Here The Sock is in the garden with the ribbing and lace done. Oh, and a warning, I don't know how to make blogger agree with me on photos and text so this may be kinda rough.

The next photo is of the heel just being finished. I have a thing about heels, I love knitting them. Slip stitches are interesting because they feel like cheating but they are allowed. It's like in high school when you get a spare class and you leave the schoolgrounds during school hours. Yes, I'm odd. Rah rah rah.

Okay, I'm hoping that the next photo in this line is the photo that has a dark background (arm of couch) and is really poorly focused because I suck at using Jenn's digital camera. This is when I had just finished the gusset and started on the foot. I don't feel like going into it, but I wanted to work on getting detail with the camera then I would show you insane amount of mistakes I made in the decreasing for the gusset. I cheated so much. Even small children would probably look at the sock and say, 'what's up with that?' but I digress. This part seemed to take the longest but I'm sure it wasn't. At this point I had memorized the lace pattern so it wasn't nearly as time consuming as checking off pattern repeats when I did the foot.
And then the finished sock! (Jenn is our lovely foot model today). I am so happy with the toe! I did grafting which is so much fun I'm going to knit all my socks top down in order to save this delicious knitting technique to the last. (Well, I've never tried toe up socks so I'm not going to stand by that last statement). And there is also a detail of the lace pattern on the sock too. And actually you can see some funkiness in that decrease line on the gusset, I think that is where I realized I had forgotten to decrease on the last decrease row so I did a double decrease on this row.

So there it is! My first WEARABLE sock ever! And yes, I've already started the second one. I've decided that while I may have many knitting projects on the go, I can only knit one pair of socks at a time. And since the Bears and I finished Jim's present we started on another one, which is our first adventure into double knitting- and I have to say that I am thoroughly fasincated by this. It's like reversible fair isle. I have many ideas cooking.

I also bought a book the other day, called Theory and Practive of Perspective by G. A. Storey and it was written in 1910. It's rather an intense read and it makes me wonder how humankind ever progressed if this is how they communicated to one another. I like it, I think once I finish this book I will know perspective better than anything else. And also, I used my credit at books & co so it cost me 2$. Mwahaha!


Jenn said...

Even though I was there for the whole thing, I totally enjoyed the pictures!

Podgy said...

Wow! Socks, with lace! And double knitting! Lady, you're amazing. I'm still plodding along on my boob tube (SnBN). But! I've got one more lace pattern to do on it, then I'm on the last three steps, one of which is figuring out how to knit with beads. Whee!

You're inspiring, really!

Eileen said...

Nice sock. I especially like the first picture. Is that the sock in it's natural habitat?