Monday, July 24, 2006

Cooked Alive

So, it's kinda hot in the Okanagan right now. Just a tad. No really, just a tad. Though, after stating this, I should also comment I'm currently drinking an iced vanilla latte in an air conditioned house. Spoiled person waves sheepishly.

I have had an amazing visit. I've gone to the beach, gone shopping, gone to the farmers market twice, gone for coffee a multitude of times, played pool, gone for drinks, gone out for dinner, gone to my grandparents house, and lots of other things too. Some noteworthy events include
  • finding out that the only yarn store in Vernon is closed for 3 weeks (what the hell?) and throwing a hissy fit on the main street. This initially bad event promted my mom to offer to drive me to Kelowna to the two yarn stores there and ohmigoodness, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I shall post the purchases I got that day (whatever you do, do not ask me how much money I spent) and there will be photos, oh yes, there will be photos. Least to say, we are now going to go to Kelowna for our yarn when I make the voyage home. Wheeeeeeeeeee!
  • While waiting for my dear friend Jodi to finish her shift at McRonchies, I was just sitting at a table knitting on the second Hedera sock when a woman passed by, then exclaimed 'are you knitting a sock?' I confirmed that yes, indeed, it was a sock, and she ran off and then came back with four children. She told me that she was showing them how to knit the other day and was trying to describe knitting a sock to them. They were really nice children and asked lots of questions and I let them see the sock. That was fun.
  • Raspberries. I have eaten so many raspberries here. Mom and I went to the farmers market and I got a container of raspberries and ate it before we had finished the loop. It's all good.
  • Hazel. My first kitty that I lives here now. She looks just like Spike but smaller and more ruffled looking. She's been sleeping on the end of my bed and she's so funny. Nothing disturbs this cat! I get up in the morning, turn on the light, make the bed, and she stays in her original position, doesn't move at all. One would think she was dead. This morning she had her tounge sticking out, so cute. And she is so dirty because she's an outside kitty. I would give her a bath but I want her to have happy memories.

Okay, hopefully this whole post comes through. I tried blogging earlier this week but it only blogged half my post and deleted the other half. Bad computer. Soon I shall have photos of the yarn! No worries.


Helen said...

I love raspberries, probably more than strawberries (so overdone, I'm all strawberried out for the summer).

But I do like a fair sprinkling of sugar on my raspberries, just takes the edge off the tang.

Annika said...

That sounds so lovely. And yarn pictures! I can't wait.

Jenn said...

And now having seen the yarn - it is amazing!