Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hesitant Hopeful Anticipation

I have some hopes for 2007. I have some really neato courses next semester (education, creative writing, and history of feminism), I'm graduating, I have a flaming kick-ass new tattoo, I will be applying for education programs (3 of them-I try not to think about it all too much), I'm swimming (hiatus for a bit cause of the new tattoo but you know), both my sisters are married (such a relief- I was getting concerned), & I have so many amazing yarn-knitting project lined up I may just go mad (sea silk, lots from fleece artist, sooooo much tweedy wool).

Why, Xmas you say? It was wonderful, I won't list all my presents right now cause I know I'll miss some but there was mucho yarn, books, toys, and even some Spider man themed stuff (mmm... Tobey). My birthday was also wonderful. It was quite neat, I had two gifts from two different parties that complimented each other perfectly without any planning!

Now I'm in Vancouver. My sister, Hoobers, got married today to Jason (no fun name for him yet) and it was wonderful! More about that later. The party still hasn't happened.

Just wanted to blog for the last day of this year. I don't really do New Years Resolutions much, I just do what I always do, all year long, which is.... 'next month, I'll do-' and for next month, it's keep better track of my finances cause I choked twice this month when I checked my balances, and be better with working out. That's about it.

Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

And congratulations to Hoobers and Jason, I did remember yesterday was the day, and thought of them!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Leone!

I hope that 2007 brings you bunches of good things, and interesting yarn. :-)