Thursday, February 08, 2007

6 doohickeys

I am so sick right now. Today I missed my POO class which was fine, but I also had to miss my kickass feminist history class which sucked. This cough is going around the university and I know who I caught it from so SCORN but she doesn't read my blog so meh. I sometimes like memes. I think most of my dislike is that I can never remember the correct way to pronounce them (me-me or meme like french?). I find the weird meme interesting however. I mean, who is defining weird here? Cause a lot of people have memed things that frankly don't seem that weird to me. Anyhoo, I've decided to do a 6-doohickey meme. Just six things about you, which I know is the theme of other memes, but frankly, with a vague term like weird or strange attached, it's just a matter of opinion so. And I tag Julia, Melly, and Eileen. And by tag, I mean, whatever, you don't have to.

  1. I organized my stash last month. I have a lot of mohair.
  2. I buy toys and people I love buy me toys (the blonde is from Cairo).
  3. I can't decide who I like more, Batman or Superman. I make up my mind and the next week I'll change it. Batman can be way too much angst for me, but sometimes Superman is just so squeaky. I mean, we all know that Spiderman comes in first, but who is second?
  4. My art teacher from high school gave me his time-life art collection of the masters and so far I've only read one (bad art student bad!) They are my pride and joy.
  5. This cat knows I love him and will use that to his advantage whenever he can.
  6. I really like my Emily the Strange bag.


julia said...

good meme, and i'll do it i guess (although you really haven't left instructions beyond 'wierd' and '6' so i'm gonna be winging it)...

but where is the blonde doll from? *cough cough*

starts with a d and rhymes with marfur.

Jenn said...

Spike *so* knew he was getting his picture taken there for you blog. You can see it in his face.

Angela said...

I say it like "meem".

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Dogeared said...

I always mentally said it as "meme" - French way (meaning "same"), but I think it's meant to be "me-me". Eh.

I'm going to nab this, it's cool!

Eileen said...


And I think it's supposed to be Mee-Mee as in "it's all about ME!", but I tend to say meh-meh.