Tuesday, February 27, 2007

photo documentary

It's kinda late at night, but I really wanted to get a few blogs in. So this is in no order whatsoever. I just downloaded a bunch of my photos from my steals in Vancouver (I have no camera :( so no photos of there) and I'll just comment on them as I go along. Let's just clear some things up first however a) I saved up for this trip so it's not like I'm crazy rich b) it's YARN people, YARN and c) Jenn's cat Chuck just jumped up and took the post its that were beside the computer in his mouth and ran away with them.

So here is my precious brushed suri yarn. Love it. I had to forcibly take this away from Sheena, who, coincedentially (can't spell tonight), has the best burlesque name ever, very knittery. I have no idea what to knit with this because I love it so and due to it's price only got one. Apparently it knits up a heavier weight than it appears so I'm thinking.... nothing, I got nothing here people.

Oh, this is the cotton I got for Julia's baby blanket even though she's not planning on having a baby any time yet. I like to get a head start on these things. There is a brown skein to the right there that kinda meshes into the couch. This stuff, when it is washed, I tell you it feels like butter. It's what the boobie square was knit out of, and yeah, the boobie square is only a four inch square and it was knit using a modified pattern from this knitty. Julia picked out the colours and we're thinking a fair isle argyle pattern with a lining so I don't have to weave in the ends.
Mmmmm..... this is a present for someone! Well, once I knit it it will be. Wheeeeeeeee! (ps- Lorna's Laces)
My new purse! And, this was a necessary item because my Emily purse got soaked my first day in Vancouver (really, in Vancouver? No!)
Heh. Shiny for my eyes. Julia and I had a fun time in the MAC shop. I'm so glad I don't live closer to one.
Look! It's a new duck! And unlike Satan Duck, Pirate Duck doesn't list, probably because he's more use to water. I mean, you would think that Satan Duck would have a problem with being submerged into water, what with the fire and brimstone. Heh. Pirate Duck and Satan Duck both come from a most darling friend (Hi Sheena).
New shoes! New shoes new shoes new shoes! (Theme? What theme? I see NO theme!)
Oh! Tassles! On pasties! My most delicious friend Melly (ohhhh.... pretty dress) a host of a Pasty party and I made these (so much fun!) and then we all put on the pasties and had a swirling lesson. It was a blast. My burlesque name is Ruby Kitten. Seriously, it was one of the highlights of the trip.
Yarn from Quebec that I'm planning for a sweater one day.
Another shot of some yarn. The Lorna Laces is on the left, the Suri on the right, the middlest is called bunny hop and is mostly synthetic but has some angora in it and is a lovely colour scheme and the reds are part bamboo and wool (called Panda Wool) and some nylon so they may become socks. I also bought the middle three because the labels were so cute.
And that appears to be the end of my photo commentary for today. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry for my absence in the blog world of late, as you can see I was quite busy in Vancouver, I didn't even have time to knit, I think I may have gotten about an inch done of my sock while I was there. I had the most wonderful time and even though I went a wee bit over budget (mostly due to food which was a problem in the creation of my budget) I would do it over and over again. smoochies to Vancouver!


Sheena said...

(Hi Leone) I love Pirate Duck. Hee, and wonderful shoes! You should have a photo of the bag of yarn you had that day of the pasties. Wait, why isn't there a picture of you with the pasties? ;)

Carmen said...

Leone - I like you and all - and you gave me Bamboozle... but pleeeze... no pictures of you and the pasties... I just want to keep you in my head as this innocent little girl with skull tattoos... :) Glad you had fun - next time you must bring me - I will even go yarn shopping!

Angela said...

Those shoes are fantastic! And I dig the yarn. All of it. So, so pretty.

Melly said...

You made pretty pasties! And I love the pirate duck and I love those shoes.