Thursday, February 08, 2007

Is a turtle

This, as of yet, unnamed turtle now belongs to a friend who was having a really shitty week at work (and I can't just offer to cook for her and clean like I do with Jenn- well, I guess I could but regardless, I just knit). He's knit out of 100% bamboo. There was a major booboo with the crochet aspect which than unfortunately affected the i-cord but overwell he went really quickly. I'm hoping to knit him some more shells once I forget all the cursing I did with the first one (Jenn was there, she can vouch).
And the four muppet heads for this lovely lady who is doing this for children with cancer. The second from the left made an amazing swirl pattern, which was funny at first, because it reminded my of jupiter, and then I thought 'and it was jupiter one's blog that drew my attention to this cause in the first place' and then a few hours later I realized the blog is JanuaryOne, not Jupiter One. And this is pre-medicated Leone state.
And how nice that the same day I finish all the work on the Skull Yoke sweater I can I get a phone call letting me know that my freakishly expensive addi turbos are in (the only ones I could get in that length) so I can start on the yoke! The body is a lot longer on that it just curls up right now.

Okay, I'm going to go do another post, which you have probably already read cause it will show up above this one, unless you get here right after I post this one and before the new one. Medication makes for a boring blog doesn't it?


Jenn said...

I love those muppet heads - they are the cutest things ever. And I'm so excited about going to get your new needle because I'm buying more cardstock.

This makes me rather too excited these days.

Angela said...

Bamboo turtle! Awesome!

I meant to ask in an earlier post, how did you make the boob blanket thingy? It looks neat.

brooke t. higgins said...

MUHAHA! TURTLE-icious! He looks awesome. Looks like you've had a lot of knitting progress lately... way more than me.

*hugs* Being sick sucks. Get better!