Wednesday, April 18, 2007

3 minutes of fame!

and added to my picture in the newspaper with my friends in Grade 7.... which I guess counts as one minute- I still have 11 more minutes to go! (I'm going to try to waste them as a teacher campaigning against standerdized testing cause you know, our government listens to teachers so well)

Anyhoo I was on the radio! Well, not me. My email! And they read it outloud, and then they had some fun with my name which was fine, rather funny. It was the daybreak DJ that I entered and I emailed and said they I wanted to hear Amy Winehouses' Rehab played because it's a graduation theme song. And then I think it was Chris (of Chris and Russell) made a joke about Lindsey Lohan. It was funny. I rule! The CBC rules! Wheee me!

In other news, something not so much fun with the exclamation marks- Spike had an upsetting visit to the vet yesterday. He really, really... really doesn't like going to the vet- there was a lot of hissing and growling and at one point he felt it necessary to reach over and scratch me while I was talking to the vet. Then it was discovered that his liver is too large (just a little) so they had to draw blood but due to the ears back, spitting-ness that is my darling cat, they had to keep him for the day. They were really nice because they figured they would keep him for a little, see if he calmed down, and then try to draw blood, but that if he didn't calm down they would have to sedate him. So yeah, they had to sedate him. And then when I went to go get him afterwards they asked me to come back and get him instead of one of them going back to get him, which is so embarrasing. It's like going to pick your kid up from school and they say 'we locked him in a closet, here's the key- fly at it'. But it was nice in that when we walked into the cat room Spike instantly starting hissing at us until I reached into the cage and then he stopped hissing and literally crawled into my arms. I felt so guilty for leaving him. So we are still waiting for the results of the blood test but I'm sure he's fine, he may just have to take some medication like when he was a kitten. The funny thing is when we got him home he was fun, even a little better than fine. This morning he actually chased the kitty treats, he never plays- he usually just looks on with disdain. The problem actually was Chuck who would hiss at Spike and run away and hide. We are guessing Spike smelled like other cats but it was kinda a crazy cat day yesterday.

In other news, chocolate soy milk with coffee liqueor and vodka with waffles? Very good. Very, very good.

Deciding to cut your bangs the next morning because they are 'bugging you'- not really the best idea but it turned out fine.

And a shot of the hissing kitties at a happier time ontop of the fridge.


Angela said...

All the kitties send love and headbutts and tuna. Sabre commiserates about hating the vet, and Zoe hopes that no cat ever has to take pills ever again. Callie feels for Chuck, because she hates the other kitty smell too. And Nova...just looks pretty.

*hugs* to you.

Also, now that you are famous, may I have your autograph? ;)

Dogeared said...

That last photo of the kitties is adoraboo. Spike and Chuck might not appreciate that, but anyway!

The Bears said...

We were all glad to see Spike back home, safe and sound. He told us aboo the vets, and it sounded very traumaticoo.

We'd share our caaaandy with Spike, but we want to wait and make sure it is okay for his livoo first.

Very cute pictoo of Spike and Chuck!

*many Bears hugs for Spike from all the Bears*

*and many Bears hugs for Chuck, cause he got so upset when he smelled Spike*

OK Bye
Daphne Rose

jenn said...

this is a test.

But not a real test. Because you are done those.

jenn said...

"It's like going to pick your kid up from school and they say 'we locked him in a closet, here's the key- fly at it'."

This is too funny. And true.

Eileen said...

Aaw, poor Spike!

Fyberduck said...

poor kitty!

Sheena said...

Leone, I love how you can make me laugh! I can clearly see you sighing in embarrassment before going back to get Spike! Hugs to you and Spike.