Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anthony and Stanton are the SAME PERSON!!!

I keep on mixing up Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony, but Anthony wrote the excellent speech after being arrested for illegal voting (I'm pretty sure the word 'excellent' isn't in the original title but it should be) and Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiment which is equally excellent. See, isn't your life clearer now? In other news, I really shouldn't blog when I've been studying because I have a hard time thinking outside of the studying subject matter.

Still knitting the pink and blue socks (still on the first one-sigh) but I just did the increases for the calf then found out that I didn't need to do them just yet but I'm not froggin and still working on the Sari Silk shawl, I need more stitch markers.

Spike blogged and yes, I am the human under the pile of kittens on that photo.

I'm so glad Jenn is home. It makes more happier kittens and better food (me on my own= frozen veggies and fish every. single. meal.). I'm going to make an excellent mother, I figure that my kids will be excellent chefs by the age of seven by default. And of course, because I love Jenn. I mean, it's so much more fun to make fun of other people when Jenn's here cause she's totally there with me.

Here's my bleeding-angst-photo-artist shot of my hand dyed sock yarn.

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What kind of stitch markers do you like?