Friday, April 20, 2007

Lazy bones

It's funny that my sleeping in is now 10am, when it use to be 1pm or something- and not just any sleeping in, this morning I made myself stay in bed and fall back asleep about four times. It's the first official day of my trip!

And Spike is fine. He's just fat. I miss him muchly right now but it's a good thing for his weight since he's a social eater.

Okay well I just hit some sort of funny key on the computer and it went to standby.

And I have so many pictures to display but I left them at home on my sisters camera so.... sorry. I decided to weave my parents a blanket in less than two weeks so that's why I haven't had much knitting content on my blog. I wove 16 triangles in 5 days than took another 5 days to sew them all together and do a quick crochet chain around the whole thing. It's mostly silk and wool. Jenn helped me put the colours together, she's very helpful.

And seriously, my Mom makes this poppy seed lemon cake that is to die for!


jenn said...

I'm hungry. I'm a social eater too.

The Bears said...

I'm a social eater, too.

Also a anti-social eater.

I think when I get to Canadia I'm going to have to join Spike on his diet.