Friday, October 26, 2007

Everything is a secret

This was suppose to be a post about my knittings- it still is, but I just realized I didn't think this out enough before hand.

So this first project is a secret because it's for winner of the best halloween costume contest. And also, it's crochet. This is a funny story, remind me to tell you about it after the winner receives it. And this one is an Xmas present! Sheesh. This is as close as you are going to it get right now (it took me like three tries to get that sentence right!). I've been knitting on this at school and people are outright threatening to steal it.
This next photo isn't suppose to be a secret. It's the syncopated cap seen here (scroll down) designed by Kate Gilbert, but I didn't take any photos of the whole toque before giving it to its new owner- my friend James. I'll get a photo of it some time at school and show it to you then. It's totally awesome.
So there you have it. Is secret. And ohmigod, have you seen this site? Thanks to Jenn for that one. I have a lot of blog entries for this weekend. I have a rant about food, a rant about telling upsetting stories in public spaces and of respect to the dead, and a rant about intelligent (snicker) design. And then another one about embracing the chub.

I'm going as Medusa for halloween, what about you?


Anonymous said...

Well, you certainly have piqued my interest. Love Mom

jenn said...

For halloween I will play the part of pregnant grumpy university instructor handing out candy she can't eat herself these days.