Saturday, October 13, 2007

I mean really people

So, people from all around are using my apartment's dumpster because of the strike, so when I went to throw out some trash, it was full. I mumbled something about bastards and decided to wait till garbage day and left the little bag of trash under my sink. Anyhoo, some more bastards went and left their garbage in front of the dumpster, cause you know, the garbage man always gets out of the truck and puts bags into the dumpster. No wait, he doesn't. It's a machine arm and it doesn't care. Hence garbage day came and went and now garbage is strewn allllll around the dumpster. Ew. I didn't want to go near it, but today decided that I had to throw out the trash. Until I looked out the window and watched my neighbour pile her garbage pile her garbage ONTOP of the dumpster. Seriously. I mean, what was she thinking? So now if I want to throw out my garbage I would have to take her 4 bags off of the lid or just pile my garbage on the ground with all the other stuff. Decline of civilization is living all around me. I was going to put a picture of my new hair on here but I figured I would wait until I had a blog post that wasn't all about garbage. And oh yeah, I did a quiz and at the end it turned out to be one of those stupid chain things were if you don't send it to X amount of people than your wish will never come true. So that's right people, my wish that I could find my nail clipper isn't going to come true!!!! Oh no! Just for the record, I hate everything to do with that 'chain' mentality, please never ever send me one. I just get angry. But, I did find out some really life changing things, like that my priorities are (in this order) pride, love, family, career, and money. I like how money is last. Student loans will do that to you. And that I think of myself as noble, need perfection in my partner, see my enemies as 'ew' (that part is true enoug I guess), sex is precious (I'd do the fat hobbit), and my life is calm. Right. Calm is *so* the word I would use to describe my life right now. And also, for the friend labeling one, it said that I'll never forget one friend, and for another friend it said I'd remember them for the rest of my life- isn't that the exact same thing? Ugh.

I'm kinda cynical and snarky tonight. I think I would go to bed.

Bonne nuit!


Dogeared said...

Grrr on everyone using the dumpster. You know, if you killed them all, you could put their bodies in the dumpster, and then all their rubbish on top of them, to hide the bodies!

Oh, it's too perfect.

I hate chain mails too.

brooke t. higgins said...

Ugh. People do the very same thing at the dumpster outside my apartment. Obnoxious!!

Chain mails are pretty retarded, but chainmail is pretty cool. :)

Ings said...

For something totally different. Your skullneedles.... they are amasing.. I am soo envious, please could you tell where you got them?

pretty please