Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things you learn on halloween

  1. if you press snooze on your alarm clock, and also bump the regular time up by three minutes (to shorten the snooze time), your alarm won't go off.
  2. apparently, people will party on Halloween night, even if it's a Wednesday.
  3. Spike hates fireworks and I think my neighbours spent their entire month's rent on them. It's been three hours.
  4. I'm such a lucky person to be receiving the sweetest packages in the mail from all over (Canada, America, & Bangladesh). They make me happy like chocolates and bananas. I mean, I knew this one before today, but it bears repeating. Hi Bears!
  5. if you live in a small apartment, don't go buy Halloween candy because you will get NO trick or treaters. But don't worry- you can manage to pawn a lot of it off on your friends.
  6. if you drink those coolers your friends bring you, and knit... you will be frogging a lot of stitches. Grandpa's sweater will not get finished by Xmas at this rate.
  7. 50% of students will get the Medusa thing, the other 50% will think you are Jack Sparrow (dreads).
  8. Moms are just priceless. Priceless.
  9. teaching a guy how to knit a scarf for his girlfriend is so much fun.
  10. it's 11:20pm and I won't be sleeping for awhile yet (see points 2 and 3)
So there it is. I've learned a lot today. And by the by, thanks for all the sweet comments left here on the last post. You all rock.

Peace, yo.


Sheena said...

Haha! I can agree with a good many of those! There were fireworks going off near my place from like 7pm to midnight, I swear. And yeah, sad to not have any kids, but really, I pretty much ate half the candy I bought before I was ready to give any of it away! And now, leftovers are half price at Safeway! (Wow, my mocha is strong this morning.) I squealed when I read that you're teaching a dude to knit his girlfriend a scarf. Mike would never think to do that, but that would be like, best gift from Boyfriend ever! So, so sweet! Have you knitted the penguin? No wait, I'll ask in a message, 'cause this is getting a little long!

jenn said...

Yep. For what it is worth, we got NO trick or treaters either. At our house. NONE!

And I can't eat the candy because it makes me nauseous. Now, isn't that the saddest thing you've ever read?

And there were firecrackers around 3am. Asshats.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for number 8 darling. Love Mom