Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lazy teacher candidate

You know what is funny? I've become less confident in myself as a teacher since entering the program. There is just so much to know, so much to pay attention to, so much to plan, organize, read, reflect, analyze, discuss... and that's just now! I've still months to go! And my teacher keeps on telling me to work on my confidence, because I raise my voice at the end of some sentences, but I'm like.... this is just going to get worse. Soon I'll be a high pitched David Beckham teacher. Ah well.

Today we have a day in lieu. I have hoards of lesson plans to get started on. Math, social studies, gym, and just finished a literacy one. But the thing is, the more stressed out I get, the more I want to knit, the more I knit, the less schoolwork I do, the less schoolwork I do, the more stressed out I get.

It's a fun month.

Luckily, the majority of my presentations are over. I presented on gifted learners, evolution, a case study on a teacher named Nan, A Bad Kitty, and soon... Dance! (Jazz hands!). I got a lot of positive feedback from my presentation on evolution which was nice. I was very concerned I was going to have some stern looks. Now, keep in mind this was a presentation to facilitate discussion, so I couldn't take sides. I did present both sides and since one side, you know- the sane one, has a stronger argument than the other my position was clear, but no one felt attacked for anything so that was good.

And here is a picture of Spike. This is when he decided to help me prepare the table for my friend's birthday dinner. He's just warming up the spot I was going to put the cake.

What a good kitty. A very very good good good kitty.


brooke t. higgins said...

Spike may be a very very good good good kitty, but I'd look out. He seems to have an eye out for that yarn over there. Make sure it's still around later on.

Keep on keeping on with the school work. Congrats on your successful presentations!

tammy said...

This too shall pass. Yeah, I know, campy as heck but it's true. You'll be great! You know why? Because you do worry this much and think about it this much. If you didn't you'd just be so-so. Know what I mean? It matters to you.

jenn said...

I have 105 papers to mark (sitting next to me here.. as I read blogs).

I hear ya.

Sheena said...

RE: Confidence: you has it.

I would imagine it's way totally different to speak in front of the kids you are going to teach than speaking in front of your classmates. And I would agree: you worry because it matters to you. And yeah, much to learn, but you know when you start a class, and the prof is like, this is what you need to know/do at the end, and you're like, I totally can't do that! but then throughout the year you learn more and more and realise, uh, yeah, I can do that, 'cause now I know how!
Do you know what I believe beyond a doubt? That you are going to be an amazing teacher.