Monday, January 28, 2008

New Years Resolutions (still January)

1. Spend less time on the computer (mmmm.... this one is hard).

2. Graduate and start climbing out of debt by actually making money (foreign concept).

3. Work out twice a week (so far so good! And I'm getting in lots of walks too. Go team!).

4. Knit FOUR sweaters (Jenn's doesn't count).

5. Write more personal letters.

6. Travel (hi Julia).

7. Start painting again.

8. Finish the hem on my curtains (I may be scrambling Dec 31st 08 to finish this one).

9. Knit seven pairs of socks (current socks in progress count).

10. Start up the violin again.

AND!!!! A bonus goal. As of January 11th, 2008, I decided to see how long I could go without buying yarn (on the 11th I bought the yarn needed for my Grandma's sweater). This is prompted by the whole money issue I've got going on right now with tuition (and by sorting my stash.... it's kinda large (not compared to some, true- but still)). I'm at day 17 people!!! That's over two weeks! My goal is 90 days. I know. I know. Impossible you say (Adrienne- I'm looking at you) but eh, aim for the stars (cue music). So....

11. Go for 90 days without buying yarn.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting out my pompoms so that I can cheer you on. You can totally go 90 days, just stay away from Main Street and it's all good. ;)

julia said...

yaaaaah travel!

what did you think of the plan i emailed? hmmmmmmmmm?

Sheena said...

If you go 90 days without buying yarn, I will buy a skein or two. Reward! :)