Monday, January 21, 2008

2008? Really? When?

I'm still planning on writing down some resolutions. I'll do that soon. Blogger is still being weird but I downloaded some photos anyways. I'm glad some fun words came out of the last post. :P Quickly, since I'm fading fast (I mean, it's 8:30 IN THE EVENING!!!) and I want to go have some frozen fruit on a stick.

My two week practicum? Rocked the freakin' cazbah baby yeah! The kids were great and so creative. I've been talking about it all weekend and all day so I'm story-ed out but I'm sure I'll talk more during my 13 week practicum.

First day back at UBC? Fine, it was fine. My first class was great, a lot of work , but a really nice prof. My second class was canceled and this is our least popular class so there is always drama and such. Meh. I got groceries and still got home earlier than I would have had I gone to class so.

So back to knitting! I'm having knitting angst right now. I have about six projects (maybe eight) (or eleven- whatever) on the go but I still feel like there is something I should be knitting that I'm not. So weird. Anyhoo, here are my first two FOs of the year! The first one I'm showing is actually the second FO of the year but since blogger is freaking out I'm not going to try to move the photos around. This is my NY toque made from the yarn Jim and Jenn got me from New York and it is soooooo soft. It's simple 1x1 ribbing and random stripes of colour.

Okay this one is my first FO of the year. It's Noro Iro (75% wool and 25% silk) , two skeins, and is uber long. It's my extravagant pirate scarf.
And a shot of what I am knitting with my reward yarn. It's Clapotis from knitty which is I think the most popular scarf on Raverly but oh well. It looks cool.

Good night!


jenn said...

Ohhhh, pretties!

brooke t. higgins said...

Everything is so pretty and I especially love your hat and I hope you enjoyed your frozen fruit on a stick!

(every pirate should have an extravagant scarf. Arrrr!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post hon. I love looking at your projects. I missed what "FO" stands for. I did think of something but it was really rude and I am sure that is not what you meant. Also, you are the most patient person, when it comes to knitting. 1-1 ribbing? Are you kidding me? Very impressed! Love you.