Saturday, January 19, 2008


I don't know what is up with blogger but it took me all sorts of weirdness to log in. It kept telling that email was invalid and the help option with blogger? Useless. Anyhoo, I finally tried clicking on the 'forgot password' option and you type in the name of your blog and it send information about getting a new password to your email address and you know what? It sent it to the same email address i t kept sasying was invalid!!! so I went through the whole process and 'cchanged my password and by the time I was done it had logged in for me but seriosly. And now the letters are appearing on the screen so slowing that I think about I'm about three sentences ahead of myself. I'll give it some time to catch up. Oh... lots of spelling errors. Needless to say I'm not goiong to try to upoad some knitting photostonight. Technology sucks today! My digital camera is acting up on my too. Grrr. Okay- I'll write more when it's not insane. Maybe I''ll trygo clean some more. Or make pancakes.

Panckaes. (once I finish fixing all these errors. Sheesh. (It's only atGrrr))(never mind- I'm leaving the tyops in. This is hairlarious. If only you could see it come up on the screeen one letter at a time. I type too fast for my typoing ability. (now it's at Sheesh.)


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brooke t. higgins said...

HAIRLARIOUS! That's my new favorite word. I had pancakes for dinner tonight! I highly recommend them. With peanut butter. *nodnod* Here's to technology!