Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pantyhose is dumb

I wore a dress today. I was ooooohhh so pretty. Now if my stupid pantyhose could have stopped falling down and my stupid slip stopped sliding up it would have been a more peaceful day.

That's right. I'm blaming today on my pantyhose.


Anonymous said...

Phew! Thank God you your skirt wasn't riding up! ;)

Sheena said...

Pantyhose doesn't bother me. Slips, however, are the invention of the devil. Or at least the patriarchy.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the pantyhose, and please don't stop wearing pantyhose. They make your legs look sooooo sexy. And they feel great too.

sweetnpantyhose said...

Sweetheart you can blame the cheap store bought pantyhose, because I hate them also! The waistband binds, run easy and sag like no tomorrow. That is why I only wear the European Hosiery which is nothing like what Grandmother wore or fantasized about, eh?
I have a pair of pantyhose that are hip huggers, invisible control top which are durable like a second skin. Not only do they attract every man's eye in the area, but feel just as good as they look!
Get rid of the cheap ones, you are well worth the nice ones. I will not mention the online hosiery store, so I am not taken as a spammer!

jenn said...

I have some awesome 3x that you could try. They lasted me through my second trimester, but now they would just CRUSH the beeb.