Saturday, April 19, 2008

sickie reporting in

So yeah. Just a little sick this week. You know, a virus. And, oh yeah, hayfever. Yeah that was fun. And right! Can't forget about the asthma! A nice little combination of all three of those meant I spent a majority of this past week on my daybed; watching Buffy, eating soup, and sleeping. I know that sounds like fun, but in actuality it really wasn't. I got some knitting done, and some marking done, but between the hayfever and the coughing I was kinda a mess. Not even a hot mess. Just a mess.

The silver lining? Firstly, I went to the doctor and he diagnosed the asthma, which is very good. Second of all, watching so much Buffy means I notice random things. In Lover's Walk (3:8) there is this mask/booby thing on the Magic store owners wall, and in Halloween (2:6) it is on Ethan Rayne's store wall as well. See I got smarter while I was sick!

And thank goodness for visits from Mom where she makes a tonne of vegetable soup and freezes it. Seriously, I have survived because of that.

In knitting news we have some upsets to discuss. You know how I put you all through the mass toy voting 08? Um... I have discovered I'm not one for knitting toys. I don't know why. I may yet knit some of them but I just couldn't start. However I did randomly pick up some needles and yarn and knit this guy.
Why him and not the others, I don't know. He is nephew bound. I may knit more toys, maybe I just need to give them a chance.

Oh and I knit this hat last weekend. Super easy and fast. Knit him while watching some Bollywood. I'm sure it will look less dorky on a beeb head. Beeb!
AndI finished a soaker! It's a lame photo but it is super cute.
And started some leggies. Tell me honestly Jenn and Jim and Bears, is this colour combo okay? I don't remember where I got the yarn but I'm not loving the colours. Is it okay? Will you put the baby in this?

And finally, this is the only good picture I have of my new duvet cover. I love it beyond reckoning. All blue and brown and giant flowers. Back to the unit planning! Away!


jenn said...

Blogger ate my comment....


Duvet awesome. Chuck ate a whole through ours the other day while in a stare-down with Rupert.

Love the hats, soakers, leggings as we can show those off in public and I love things that are wearable. Spur of the moment knitted toy also awesome!


This comment better work...

jenn said...

A hole. A HOLE. This is what happens when I don't really think the comment is going to go through and I'm cheesed after writing a rather long nicer version moments before.

brooke t. higgins said...

Holy snapola. Look at all that stuff you finished! I totally love your Elefante, and am so impressed by all your nephew goodies. Wow!

BTW, I got my Christmas present and I HEART IT!!! Thank you SO much, and I will give my beautiful yarn its due on my blog very soon. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

And, umm, feel better soon, okay?