Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wait... what day is it?

It's Thursday. Not Friday. So I cannot stay up until 1am doing whatever. I must remember that.

Not knitting a whole lot, started a new phiaro scarf... Could it be any prettier? Have finished the first soaker, need to cast on for the next one, cause you know... Jenn's just getting more and more pregnant. Doing some bigger projects that I haven't taken photos of yet, so that's about it for right now.

I need to clean this week. I'm thinking of getting a new CD on Friday to inspire me to clean. I was suppose to clean last week. Instead I bought a book on Friday night, Sunshine by Robin McKinley and finished it Saturday night (second time I've read it). Seriously, best book ever. And I learned don't go online to try to find out if there is a sequel coming- you will just run across the most inane review of the book ever. This person was criticizing the book for things like... how the librarian didn't spend enough time at school, or that Johnny Appleseed isn't a myth- and you are like... IT'S AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!!!! Augh! My only criticism in that the mother was so important, but so silent- I don't know if she spoke more than once throughout the book. That's why I want to know if there is a sequel or something- the character is so built up but never explored. Awesome book. I may read it again soon. PS- did find the info about the sequel- no ideas yet :( but hey... new book!

School is good. Teaching is just awesome. I'm learning a lot in my practicum, not only about how to teach! I have learned so much about fractions and probability in these past two weeks! At one point I was on the phone with Jenn going 'how do tree fractions work again?' and going a little bit mad. But it's okay- I got it and the lessons went really well! I used my collection of shoes I have at school as an example (if I am wearing my turquoise shoes on Wednesday, what are the chances I'll be wearing them on Thursday and Friday if I have two other pairs of shoes at school and randomly grab them?) Today as a closure for the week I did a read aloud (I read out loud) of a picture book called Math Curse. It was great! And they totally got the math connections in the book. I also teach science (with my team teacher) and team teach with all the teachers for gym. We are going to be starting language arts next week, doing a mini poetry blitz for April 17th Nat. Poem in your Pocket Day, and then French and Art in the following weeks. It'll be busy but I'm looking forward to it.

Okay- I'm off to clean or write lesson plans or knit or something. Probably not clean. I'm predictable like that.


brooke t. higgins said...

YEAH! Jon Sciezka RULES!!! I heart all of his books. I'm glad teaching is going so well for you!

jenn said...

Yeah, but, um... were you wearing any pantyhose today? HMMMM?????????