Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera's Working Again

Woo! I nearly did buy a new one but I held off. Sometimes when I turn my camera on the screen is black and I just have to turn if off for a bit and try it again. That's good to know. It still takes fuzzy and unfocused pictures but hey... it's a camera. So yeah, knitting!

This is my bridesmaid shawl that I start about ten days ago. You may look at this picture and think... really? Firstly it's ugly and secondly it's not that much but I assure you...

Just wait till this one is blocked. It's not as lacey as I wanted but it's one of those things where once you make the decision to knit a shawl six weeks before a wedding when you have a part time and a full time job you have to stick with that decision.
It's Lilac Leaf (rav link) from Knitted Lace of Estonia in Dream in Colour Smooshy which technology cannot even express the loveliness of it (if you scroll down the DIC link it's the semisolids black pearl colour).
Oh and that garish orange is the conditional cast on yarn so I can pick those stitches back up after I decide on a border.

And the Mom socks are done! It's amazing! I started these only about.. um... I want to say late February? Beentsy help a girl out- when did we buy the hiyahiya needles? Anyhoo- regardless these are record breaker socks for me. I never finish socks under six months or something. It could be the needles, it could be the stupid amount of time I spend on buses... whatever. They are done.

So at first glance they look pretty similar, a little difference in length (just a tad) but upon further inspect one of these things is not like the other....
Sock 2: I decided to put a cute little cable going down the back of the socks that disappears into the heel... isn't it cute?
Sock 1: I left too much space on this cable and lo and behold- no cute cable... just stretched stitches (this was the first sock I did- it's very special).
Sock 2: On the first sock I made this really pretty decrease to compensate for the additional stitches on the top of the sock because of the braid. This one I tried to do from memory while on the bus because I didn't write down what I did to the first sock and didn't have it for reference. So does this hot mess look anything like...
Sock 1: This very pretty (vagina) decrease? I don't think so.
And the heels! Oh goodness the heels. Sock 1 to the right there has the most drastic heel ever because I forgot how to turn heels so once again, while on the bus, decided I could remember and make the decreases waaaay too often. Mom tried it on and it still fits. Sock 2 on the left is a proper nice heel.
So Mom they are in the mail! Well, they will be when I leave for the soccer game tonight. I won four free tickets to the Whitecaps game tonight and am very excited! Mini doughnuts!

I also had some photos on my camera from way back. Here is Spike preparing to mow down on the flowers Erica brought to Thursday night knitting group (I so did not plan on making that reference there!). I ended up putting one in my hair for school the next day and gave the rest away to people on transit. I had to put them in the closet for the evening before so Spike would not gorge himself.
Up next: the ugliest knitted DS case ever!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the pictures. They are so a part of your blogging. I can't wait to see your shawl in person. And my socks looks so lovely!! Is the ugly bag you are speaking of the one you were working on when I was there? Mom