Wednesday, April 08, 2009


So I would have told you, as of five minutes ago, that one of the many perks of apartment living was that you wouldn't get bothered by, you know, pesky groups of people wanting to deliver you to Jesus so that they have a better chance of the limited seats in heaven, or what have you.

Turns out they just buzz your apartment and start preaching over the line. I will admit it's a lot easier to say 'I'm all good- but thanks!' to a phone than a person.

And a few weeks back Angela asked if she could reverse engineer my starsockers in which I say but of course! And here is the star pattern I made up as well. It's probably the same as another one out there but that's the thing about stars and curling- there's not much to say about them one way or another.

Hope your socks come along faster than mine!


Anonymous said...

I like the pattern. It looks like a little person doing a cool pose. Love Mom

Angela said...

Thank you! Sadly, I have knitting fail right now. Knit a sleeve inside out, bound of the wrong edge on a baby sweater, knit some socks too long for my feet...not a good time to try to figure out a pattern.

Jenn said...

Yay for blogging!!! And I lol's at the curling knitting comment.