Saturday, April 18, 2009

I've got a List

I was tired last night and not sleeping so I decided to do a 30 by 30 list. I'm 27 now and starting to feel a teeeny bit grown up so I'll do a grown up thing and make a list of goals. They have their specs though:

1. Cannot be something that is controlled by outside forces
a) such as 'having my own classroom' because while I would give anything to have that I can't control it as such and if I don't have my own classroom by 30 believe me I'll be cranky enough that I don't need a list to remind me of the suck.
b) some things controllable by other people are okay if they involve me actively guilt tripping them or playing them in order to get my way

2. Items are subject to change with good reason
a) the reason being I say so
b) but I'll let you know why and put it in ETA and such

As of right now I think I only have around 17. Suggestions are appreciated as I'm out of ideas.

30 BY 30

  1. Design and knit my perfect cardigan out of hand-spun hand-dyed yarn
  2. Get a spinning wheel
  3. Make a really awesome bookshelf (like these or something)
  4. Crochet a bedspread with one of my Grandmother Hazel's crochet hooks and laceweight (use to be 'get a passport' but was opted out due to easy-ness and plain common-sense of just having a passport and because Yarn Piggy told me to)
  5. Go on a real vacation
  6. Bike around one of the islands
  7. Get another tattoo (sorry Mom)
  8. Pay off bank student loan
  9. Visit my friends in Gimli
  10. Get really good at the violin- like stellar
  11. Publish one of my poems (and not self-published)
  12. Become an Aunt again (see 1.b)
  13. Keep my blog (or still have a blog- maybe a cooler design)
  14. Pick up some kind of activity or sport thingie
  15. Learn how to be awesome at chess and play a game with those really serious russians downtown
  16. Be a bridesmaid again cause it is fun (again- 1.b)
  17. Use my 5' by 7' canvas for a painting
  18. (stolen from Annika):Get another family portrait with all the new people in our family (Dad will finally not be the only male in the picture)
  19. (stolen from Annika)(again):Organize a serious charity knitting project
  20. Get involved with a Feminist organization (prompted by my current reading- The Story of Jane Doe: A Book About Rape)
  21. Go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean with my friends on the East coast (suggestion via Facebook from an East coast friend)
  22. Participate in a charity marathon even if I just briskly stroll the whole thing (suggestion via facebook from Jubbers) DONE!!!! June 7th, 2009- Childrun for BC Childrens' Hospital fight against cancer. 205 dollars raised.
  23. Do the European coastline trip with Julia (oddly enough- suggested by Julia! Something we wanted to do for a long time :)
  24. Hike the West Coast Trail (Thanks Beentsy!)
  25. Scuba or snorkel
  26. Garden- no matter how small
  27. Write and illustrate a picture book
  28. Adopt another kitten
  29. Make a life list
  30. Design and sew a dress that is spectacular
Okay- help a girl out here- what's next? Oh, and are things like purchases cheating? I think that making things is good but are things like 'buy a wheel' and 'get passport' too easy?

Spike wants you to know how much he loves the laundry basket. Oh he loves it so.


yarnpiggy said...

First off: love rule 1b!

Second: yes, getting a passport is way too easy to be on this list. Yes, it sucks waiting in line, but really: suck it up, buttercup. Everyone should have a passport: you need to be prepared when Prince Charming comes and wants to whisk you away to Paris for the weekend, no? (snort)

Seriously, though: go get one, and let's go somwehere. :-)

As for additional goals...I dunno. Tell you what: I'll try to do one of these ('ll have to be longer), and we'll see if there's anything you'd like to pinch for yerself. :-)

Jenn said...

shorter things are good. I'll work on the auntie thing... three years? sounds do-able.

I'm too tired to type more.

Annika said...

You are so smart to make this list with more than four months to get it done. So smart!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I might just be having a slow day cause my sleep last night majorly sucked! But I just got the whole 30 by 30 thing. That is brilliant. You are so smart! Hmmm.....60 by 60?? I think not! I like your list so far, but I do question whether you really want suggestions by your "mother". Let me know - I could probably help with one or two, given my more than twice your living years of experience. Love you. Mom

Yonners said...

Yes Mom- comments from you are completely fine!

And it is true Jen- if you truly loved me you would have another baby in two years.

I'm looking forwards to your Yarnpiggy and Annika- I might go scope out your list too for ideas!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, okay, what about any sort of new things you want to learn? I don't want to say educational, you just got out of school for heaven's sake! ;) Any of those physical sort of goals? Climb mountain X or hike the West Coast Trail? Attend a specific event?

Sorry girl, I suck at this. :)

julia said...

if i'm gonna do a list like this i need to make it things like 'floss' and 'eat burger' since i'll be thirty in 35 days.

hmm... perhaps 'not have malaria' and 'hang out in png'

coastal tour would be awesome - there may be a chance in august...

Mrs.Q said...

I happen to think that there's nothing wrong with "getting a passport" being on that list. For the record.

P'cess said...

Honey Bunny, you can cross one of these items off your list! (hint: lala ) yay!