Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do as Piggy Does...

I was very inspired and envious of Ms. Yarnpiggy's post yesterday so I decided to play copy cat. Unfortunately my sleeping-in is 9am but I did play on the computer and drink coffee till 12, then I napped (awesome), then I played on the computer some more and read. Wheeeee! I did really need the sleep as I've had a lot of late nights for the past two weeks and very early morning due to report cards and meetings at school. Yesterday I was so tired my tummy was upset all day so I just drank tea last night (till about 9pm- then I ate cake).

Something random than onto knitting!

Say what you will (or what I will) but do check out the stash my student teacher got me! Those are a set of 64 crayons, a tonne of coloured pencils, my own stapler and scissors, a set of scentsational felts, and he learned how to knit and tried to knit me a scarf but that was as far as he got. So sweet! And it was heartfelt too even besides the knitting because I have none of these supplies or what I did have the students have slightly... destroyed. I've put them in a box for a new classroom~ hopefully someday soon :) I was very touched by this gift.

And onto knitting. I did plan for June to be my no-new-projects-only-work-on-the-10-you-have-going month but holy crap it's already the 20th! WTF? So July is going to be the month of finished projects. I did start and finish this really nice short fat scarf this month. It's knit out of two skeins of Fleece Artist slub ala noro Flood scarf. The colour changes are very subtle as both yarns had pink in them but one was pink and green and the other was an array of colours. I'm glad because I had no idea what to do with the yarns as they didn't have much yardage.
Now I just need to get a button for it. Hm.

The Beast is coming along slowly. I feel so sorry for the beast. We were doing so well but then I put him down to work on TheShawlThatShallNotBeNamed and have had a hard time getting back to work with the Beast. He's over halfway done and I'm excited to finish him as I'll be going to my friend's place in Cresent Beach to felt him with her awesome old beater of a washing machine so I don't need to spend probably 15$ and god knows how much time and energy with the pay machines in my apartment.

I'm so going to use this fair isle motif again somewhere.

I really want to finish my Hey Teach. I 'm nearly done the bottom of the front halves so in my mind I'm 3/5ths done. Thankfully I remembered while doing the front halves that I modified the pattern and added two inches onto the length. I made myself very upset the other day thinking about how I would have felt if I had finished the two fronts only to realized I had knit them shorter than the back. When I'm stressed out I do things like that to myself. Very productive.
And also the yarn is beautiful~ not the grey mud shown in the photo.

Ah... my socks. I was whizzing away with a neato five-stitch slip pattern and loving the bizarro colour happenings when I got to the heel...

and various sorts of unhappiness occured. I tried to be okay with that huge colour disruption but I cannot. I nearly frogged them but I just let them sit for awhile and have decided to make them fingerless mitts and will frog to the heel.
The Skirt-A-Long of 2009! A brand new awesome friend of mine and I decided to do a knit-a-long with the Sidewinder. She picked out a gorgeous blue and cast on for medium, I picked out a vibrant red and cast on for large. Getting gauge was crazy hard~ I had to go up a needle size! I never go up needle sizes. I kinda noticed mine was really really long and Erica noticed hers was kinda short...
(anyone else like posing next to tall leggy blondes? Me too.)

So we decided to switch! It may take some fudging to make them work around the waist but we're both pretty happy with the idea. It was hilarious at knit night as we slowly came to the realization and decided to make it a swap as well as a knit-a-long. Thanks Hilary for taking the photos :)
And I'm off. I am thinking I may go get some kraft diner for dinner so that means I will have to get changed out of my pjs. Ugh. Waaaaay too hard.

And no I'm not going to get Sims3. I will one day but for right now Sims2 is still doing it for me and I'll just live vicariously through this guy's awesome blog (thanks Kipper!)

Hope you are having a fab lazy Saturday too!


Sheena said...

Oh, Leone, the Beast is amazingly beautiful!

yarnpiggy said...

Hey, do as I say, not as I do! ;-)

Nice score from the student teacher...a tad surprising, perhaps?

Can't wait to see the Beast all felt up (tee-hee-hee).

Mrs.Q said...

I can't wait to see the finished Beast! Glad you made it out today.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog darling. Love the pics of you and Erica. Very funny! I love that skirt, it is so totally beautiful. Very stylish. Love Mom