Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Past 24 Hours of Awesome

Time: 7:34 pm Friday June 12
Location: Saroj and Jessicas' House
Events: Laughing till I hurt, drinking, eating pizza, talking, playing the most random board games, falling asleep on their couch at 1am.
And despite Saroj's fierceness we did end up losing Scene It.

Time: 11:00am June 13th, 2009
Location: Jerico Beach
Events: Talking, making friends, eating thai, drinking coffee, taking photos, more talking, laughing, and possibly a little knitting
and possibly not applying enough sunscreen to my shoulders and back (my face is fine though so that's at least better than not).
Now I'm going to go eat tacos. Kisses!


yarnpiggy said...

I'm the one with the red face...ouchy! I'm Piggy pink, and now I reek of vinegar. Ugh.

See you next week? :o)

Mrs.Q said...

My toes are a bit sunburned, if that helps....

Louisa said...

Ouch! You have sunburned tattoos!