Monday, June 22, 2009


So as many of you know Mr. Tightpants and his parents came for a visit last week. After a tangled drive here they made it safe and sound.

Malcolm did a lot of things and went to a lot of places. He's so much fun. He totally remembered me and was at ease in the apartment. We also took him to a park downtown which at first he wasn't sold on.

This is his 'I'm-Slightly-Disgruntled-And-Am-Very-Unsure-About-You-Folk' look. We asked Jenn if there are people where she is from because Malcolm seemed very stunned at all the people wandering around.
But with some Aunty Julia love and some crackers he was coaxed out of his nervousness...
and started to have a fun time.
Baby feet! In sandals! In the grass!
When at home Spike did a lot of this~ staying out of Beeb's reach.
But down on ground level Malcolm was always the centre of attention.
Mom and Dad did get some downtime. I lent them my Buffy comics and they let me babysit Malcolm for an evening.
We got sushi (he didn't eat the tempura~ just gorged himself on the avocado roll, seaweed and all).
Oh how the boy loves his avocado.
and, of course when with Auntie Leone, his Lady Gaga


yarnpiggy said...

I'm loving Malcolm's loving of the avocado roll!

Jennmgan said...

That was such an awesome visit! Thanks for watching Malcolm for us and letting us go out for baby-free dinner time!

Anonymous said...

Lots of wonderful pictures, hon. Such a nice visit. That video of Malcolm is hilarious. I knew he liked music but have never seen him that involved. Thanks so much! Love Mom