Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I made peanut butter chocolate chip raspberry cookies

I'm really tired so I shouldn't be posting. When I read my blog I can always tell when I'm tired and still blogging. The posts are total spaz entries~ usually about really boring topics that I'm really excited about (I need to remember that just because I think it was the best baked tofu dish ever it will make the best blog entry ever). I was about to go to bed but I had already posted these photos so I'll try to make it a short blog entry and try to stay away from the spaz. We'll see how that goes.

Firstly, remember my shawl that I was having issues with? The Icarus shawl with the cursed yarn overs? I cast off after trying to tink three stitches. I was figuring out what yarn to use for an edging when Smart Darcy said 'just weave ribbon through the top here and wear it like at the front'.

She is so smart. I'm smizing here. Can you tell?

Darcy was here because not only is she smart, she's also extremely generous and kind. She offered to drive Spike and I to the vet after recommending them. Spike hasn't been to a vet for awhile~ one of the obstacles being that I couldn't find anyone who could recommend a good vet. All I heard was 'insensitive assholes' and 'exhorborant fees for things you didn't need'. Darcy assured me her vet was awesome so I called and we booked a time.
This is Spike's pose of 'why-no-I'm-not-trying-to-eat-your-food-I-just-like-to-sit-at-different-heights'.
See how his belly there hangs over his feet? Yeah, they put him on weight reduction food.

The vet visit was really good. I highly recommend them: Granville Island Vet Hospital. Wonderful staff and no price gorging at all. They were awesome. Spike, well, Spike had issues. They involved bringing in a technician with gloves, who then left to get even bigger gloves, a towel, me, the vet, and did result to rather guerilla tactics to get his last vaccination. The technician and the vet were on the floor as the technician had Spike wrapped in a towel and pinned to the floor as he got his shot. They were very gentle but it was what it took. He was so upset he tried to attack me when I went to pick him up after the first shot and he usually doesn't do that. After that we couldn't even get the door to his kennel locked when he was in it because every time you went to twist the handle to lock it he'd try to attack your hand. I also think he summoned Satan with his last guttural yowl so, you know, look busy. The vet interpreted the yowl as 'he's going to eat my face off'.

Apparently he is also 'rather a strong cat'.
The cruel face of a Spawnkitty.

He's totally fine now. The moment I opened his door he came out and started rubbing against my legs asking for treats. And the wet cat food? Oh he loves it so.

The misplyed yarn did turn out! I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks Louisa for letting me know what I had done. It's pretty tight yarn now but it's lying flat! Woo!
This yarn is a yoke to a short sleeved cardigan. So far so good. I did a twisted rib around the neck. I'm using two skeins of the yarn to help hide the massive weight differences. It's all pretty moot but I don't care.
In some areas it's slightly stripey,
and in some it's not. I'm still enamored with this yarn. I think I will be for quite a while.
Rambling spazlike story about me and mine? Check. And now... to sleep.


yarnpiggy said... re-thinking my idea of becoming a vet tech...

Jenn said...

Remember when they had to move spike's cage away from the other animals when he got fixed? Ha! That spike. He's fiesty!

Mom said...

What a wonderful blog, Leone. Your shawl looks so pretty on you. Totally enjoyed reading (hearing) the Spike story again. Great vets! And the wool you were struggling with looks beautiful.

Louisa said...

Glad my suggestion helped with the kinky yarn issue!

Princess Darcy (better known as Girl) said...

I'm so behind... I used to be a blog stalker and now? Not so much! The cookies were fantastic! So was the banana bread! Poor little spikey... I knew he would play nice when he got home... Charlie did the same thing... all mean and then home and 'what's up mom, can I have a treat and play?'... little buggers!
Loving the shawl too! ;)

monnibo said...

Now I want cookies. Our vet is all but retired... so I might go try and find a new one soon. Spike is such a cutie!!