Friday, January 01, 2010

so far it's been just peachy

the thing about starting 2010 with an insane hangover (to be fair when I woke up this morning at my friends and came home I was actually still drunk~ it was when I woke up for the second time in the afternoon that I was hungover)... anyhoo, the thing about starting 2010 with a mind numbing hangover is that 2010 can only get better from here (one hopes).

Now, the day was worth it because my friend put together an awesome impromtu new year's eve party. There was drunken twister, the best telephone/song lyrics game ever, awesome people to talk to and catch up with, and quite a lot of fun fun dancing. There was even a boa. A purple boa. The fact that despite brushing my teeth four times today everything still tastes like rum is irrelevant.

In unrelated news I'm not drinking for the rest of the month. Blaaaarg.

I wanted today to still be productive so I started putting together my sock club kit. I got the Yarn Harlot's Never Not Knitting one a day calendar and she suggested the idea. I thought it was a great idea and have started putting them all together. I'm still not done but I have all the yarn and the patterns ready. I'm thinking of making cute little packages for each one and maybe throwing in something neat and putting them away so I can't see the months to come (yes, I know I will still know what's in them). I went through my queue and printed off a lot of patterns I've been wanting to try and sorted them all. Fun!

I also wanted to start a new project today. Remember my jellyfish obsession. Still going. While on the plane I started doodling because I was annoyed with my Zelda game and drew an awesome jellyfish.

I had also received some neat noro from my Mom and, as Kipper can attest to, have been wanting to do some fair-isle work for awhile now. It was tricky but I printed off some knitting graph paper and held it and my jellyfish over a lampshade to trace it. It was tricky because the jellyfish was drawn on the back of my boarding pass.
Once I finished that I went through and tried to make the lines work with the graph paper which I thought was going to be the hardest part.
But it turned out that transferring the jellyfish onto larger graph paper was going to take the longest and be very annoying. It worked out in the end though. This isn't knitting graph paper so he's a little squished.
I'm hoping he'll turn out despite losing some of the detail and such. So there we go. Still a pretty productive day, fibre wise. 2010 could redeem itself yet.



Jenn said...

Cool jelly fish - you should make that into a tattoo for me!

Mom said...

So, all this sort of explains why it couldn't have been you who phoned me at 9:30 a.m. yesterday morning, and why you still sounded rather "other worldly" when we spoke last night.