Monday, March 22, 2010

Life list take two

Original here.
Mods March 22nd here.
  1. Design and knit my perfect cardigan out of hand-spun hand-dyed yarn
  2. Get a spinning wheel
  3. Make a really awesome bookshelf
  4. Crochet a bedspread with one of my Grandmother Hazel's crochet hooks and laceweight
  5. Go on a real vacation
  6. Bike around one of the islands
  7. Get another tattoo
  8. Pay off bank student loan
  9. Bike a century (160km) in two days
  10. Get really good at the violin- like stellar
  11. Publish one of my poems (and not self-published)
  12. Become an Aunt again
  13. Keep my blog (or still have a blog- maybe a cooler design)
  14. Pick up some kind of activity or sport thingie DONE! Yoga has been maintained for over six months and now I'm biking so check check and check.
  15. Learn how to be awesome at chess and play a game with those really serious russians downtown
  16. Be a bridesmaid again cause it is fun
  17. Use my 5' by 7' canvas for a painting
  18. Get another family portrait with all the new people in our family (stolen from Annika)
  19. Organize a serious charity knitting project (stolen from Annika)(again)
  20. Get involved with a Feminist organization (prompted by my current reading- The Story of Jane Doe: A Book About Rape)
  21. Go across Canada
  22. Participate in a charity marathon even if I just briskly stroll the whole thing (suggestion via facebook from Jubbers) DONE!!!! June 7th, 2009- Childrun for BC Childrens' Hospital fight against cancer. 205 dollars raised.
  23. Go to Vietnam with Julia
  24. Do a whole day hike. (Thanks Beentsy)
  25. Scuba or snorkel
  26. Garden- no matter how small
  27. Write and illustrate a picture book
  28. Adopt another kitten DONE! February 17th, 2010.
  29. Make a 100 book reading list.
  30. Design and sew a dress that is spectacular

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