Thursday, November 11, 2010


It use to be a wrangle to get kisses from my nephew. He'd squirm. You'd just end up kissing his eye. He'd knee you in the liver trying to get away. Good times.

Today I was lying on the couch about to have a nap when they were leaving. I said goodbye to Malcolm but didn't think I'd get a kiss. I made a kissy face at him and closed my eyes. Then it was unusually silent. Then, I opened my eyes just to see what was going on and all I got was a very close up of Mal's face before he gave me a kiss!

Kisses from nephews are awesome.

What was also awesome was chasing him endlessly on a trail in Kal park. Non-stop. Running, hiding, chasing, being chased, throwing mittens around, and alllllllll that.

Overall, nephews are awesome.

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Jenn said...

OMG, so now he thinks you live at mom's house and he keeps explaining that Gma and Rod and antee Yeeown should come over. And he mentions EACH TIME WE'RE IN THE CAR that you sat in the back with him. And that you chased him. And your picture is on the fridge and he calls out YEEEOWN! each time he looks over.