Monday, November 01, 2010

November of Awesomeness

That's right. Awesomeness.

I'm coming off a hard month (who didn't get a chance to see/hear me tear up or completely lose it?) and a pretty lame weekend. Due to a bad cold I had to turn down THREE awesome Halloween parties, two coffees, and a dinner at my sisters. So. Freaking. Lame.

So I've decided for that thing that happens in November when you blog, I'll keep it simple and awesome. Each day I will at least blog about something awesome. I can blog about other things too, but the awesome in mandatory.

Today the key most important thing is my friend Kat's first pattern release! Woooo! Kat and I grew up together but lost touch after high school (she moved to Vancouver, I moved to Prince George) but then holy smokes in the Education program at UBC I saw her in the scarfe library! UBC is pretty huge but there she was. Due to the magic of facebook I sent her message and it was like old times again, only better. It was like we got to skip all that awkward early 20s relationship drama and got to redefine our friendship in the most fun way.

Kat runs Junior Deluxe which is a good read for everyone. She runs an actual informational blog, not a rambling diary blog, AND it's funny and very nice to look it. On top of that, she just released her first crochet pattern, Inuvik Mittens.
Picture stolen recklessly but it's SOOO pretty!

I've already hooked up and have nearly a mitten done after only an evening and it actually resembles a mitten. My crochet usually looks like... deformed. But this looks like a mitten! I can't wait till I get another evening to sit down and finish them up! Congrats Kip! You are the first awesome thing of November.

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Kat said...

Aww. Thanks for making me your awesome thing! You are pretty awesome yourself.