Sunday, November 07, 2010

Two For One

Tomorrow I'm pretty busy so just in case, I'm going to do two awesome things today.

Awesome thing #1: The lovely of lovely weather today. Got out in it for a bit which was really nice. It was even warm enough to open the window which always engages the kitties.
Awesome thing #2: Four more rows and an i-cord cast off is how close I am to wearing this thing non-stop. It fits perfectly! Weird photo because a) my bedroom and mirror are not photo happy and b)I have to hold the mirror with my foot so it stops tilting and reflecting the ceiling light.

More detail of the jellyfish.


j-lou said...

ohmygod i loooooove it!

jess said...

Please help me when i make mine... :)
maybe i'll do basset hounds instead of dolls. heheheheh.

Anonymous said...

It turned out great!

Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Most awesome sweater I've ever seen! I love it!