Monday, October 24, 2005

End of Workout Week II

First, a big amazing wowza-monkey-hooser to Julia and all the good happiness on her quickly forthcoming trip to Pakistan!
Second, a wonderful thank you to Jill for the tae-bo tapes and photos and a thank you to Jill and Cohen for the lovely visit on Friday.

Before I start ranting about the current state of my abs (owowowowow) I would like to clarify that Jenn and I did not go to Women's Zone on Thursday because I didn't clean off my sneakers in time and then she got sick so. I still went swimming with Florence on Friday night. We did twelve laps before a quick dip in the hottub. It's a very short swimming experience because the buses really suck at night time, moreso on the weekdays, so we had to leave early for Flo to catch her bus. They go later on Friday nights, but that's teen night. Sigh. I have to say, and don't take this the wrong way, but I love all the naked ladies in the change room. I know that sounds really funny, but I love that they are totally unabashed about themselves and have none of this stupid insecurity that runs rampant in my age group.
Right, so just wanted to blog and let people know that I completed Week II goal of working out for three times for 45 minutes because this morning at 6am Jenn and I got up and did a tae-bo cardio workout. It's one of those things were you see the move, get to do a few reps of eight with it, and just when you think you are done... they go into 'cardio' mode and all of a second it's double time! Aarrrgghhh. My abs. Oh how they cry. Well, I'm meeting a friend... three minutes ago so I'm outta here but BIG thanks to Jenn for the early morning sweaty workout! Heh. My ass hurts too.


Jenn said...

It's the next day and my ass still hurts...


Anonymous said...

Hey, way to go. That tae-bo is pretty good (though admitedly hokey).

I just wanted to clarify to your dutiful readers that the pictures that got the thank-you had nothing to do with tae-bo... when you put those two together I got this mental image of pictures of Cohen and I doing tae-bo in the living room...

Anyway, good luck with week three.