Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dear Readers,

as of today I, Leone, have entered into the 'changing' part of a self-change project for my behaviour modification class. Whee. Hence, every few days or so, I have to blog and report to you my exercise habits. Your part, if you wish to involve yourself so, is to offer positive reinforcement in the way of woohoos and waytogos. I also accept gift certificates, yarn, and caaaandy. Personal stories of overcoming the hating of exercise are welcomed and as well maybe some sage advice from all you old folks out there (anyone older than me).
Thanks for your time,

Leone (already prepped in exercise clothing)


julia said...

let me be the first to offer some help... in the form of a link to the learn to run 10k program.


is it a velour track suit you're wearing?

Melly said...

Listen to your body. Um not that I know how to do this well but from my experience, pushing it usually results in more setbacks. Variety is good too. Focus on all areas of fitness because your results will be greater and more rewarding & less chance of injury. Also getting good cardio when your bitchy is good because you will feel better after & that's always good positive reinforcement.

Jenn said...

Well done with the run last night Yonners!!!

I, on the other hand, did not run. I talked on the phone.