Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Workout week II

Right. Nothing like waking up to the radio airing an ass-stupid quote from Mike de Jong. You know at that point it will be a bad day. Hence, I am blogging, instead of doing my stupid biopsychology reading. She spontaneously added two chapters to our exam next week because she got confused on what was on there and made notes for the wrong chapters. Which of course logically means you just add them to the chapters actually on the syllabus. Of course. Anyhoo, then I get here and my water bottle that I left in the area infront of the bus stop has not been returned in anywhere. It was purple and oh so pretty.


So whiny, so whiny indeed.

So I worked out last night to begin my second week of my three month plan off to a good start. I was going to go running but by five I was really hungry and I have to go running at 6pm or else it just gets too dark. So instead I did a workout from Cosmo, the bikini body workout. It was pretty good and it gave me some good ideas. I workout in the living room but for the 'cardio challenge' between each workout you have to skip rope for some odd amount of minutes, and I have no rope, and it was the living room, and Jenn was on the phone, so I would just run up and down the stairs and run around the basement. By the end of the 45 minutes, getting up those steps was torture. But it was good, it really worked out my arms... those two pound weights are a killer! (heh, to give myself a little credit, I used them during my other exercises and did a whole buncha reps with them). Jenn and I are going to Women's Zone (she got me a two week pass.... is there anything that girl can't do?) tomorrow and Florence and I are going to go to swimming some time this week as well. I think we are going to aquafit.

Should go study I guess. I have been a major slacker lately. Slacker girl. heh.

I'm going now.


julia said...

so i've decided to stop working out in response to your positive changes. now the universe remains in balance.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I have a skipping rope I could lend you (helpful I know). And I can confirm it is possible to jump rope in an average-heighted living room (see, I'm so helpful you must love me).


Leone said...

While I don't think Julia should not exercising, I can't argue with her logic (which is so weird... Julia using logic.... cosmos exploding...). And happy goodness for Jill with her all around helpfulness. And Jill, we love you even when you factor out variables of helpfulness! (we referring to Jenn and I) In other news, people in my education class are so stupid that during the quiz today when someone asked yet another stupid question, I accidently used my inside voice and said 'dumbass' but he was on the other side of the lecture hall so only those who sit around me know my high opinion of him. Heh. Dumbass.

The Bears said...

Woohoo! Waytoogoo on workoo oout!

*many Bear hugs and much positoo reinforcemoo of Bears*

OK Bye
Blinky and All the Bears

Sheena said...

Wow, the amount that you are working out puts me to shame! Where do you get the time to do all this? You impress me! :)