Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween = funfun

So went shopping today for halloween decorations. Really one of the first official times doing that. I was going to decorate the house as the ravenclaw section of Hogwarts (where learning is valued) but that just got too specific and would take a lot of time and money to make it clear to everyone and not do a halfass job and have to explain myself continously. So I've decided to go spooky-same as everyone else but it will still be fun. As expected, I am going as Medusa again but oh well. So what did I get today? Well let me tell you! Ahem...
  • A lantern with black designs over an orange background. Cats, ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and bats. I'm going to hang it outside above the door.
  • A fuzzy bat from Lewiscraft that has wire in the wings so they look spooky. Sheds however.
  • Little white bags that you put leaves in with faces on them and then hang outside down from your tree so they look like ghosts! Spooky. (so I guess this means I have to rake. hm.)
  • Lots and lots of candles! (don't worry, I shall not leave them unattended or near anything flammable.)
  • Spider webs with spiders in them.
  • a witchy-poo broom
  • Ghost garland which I will probably put outside somewhere. Or I may keep it inside cause it's actually kinda nice in a funky way... but it was cheap so meh.
  • Candy! I got eyeballs (chocolate covered in tinfoil with the different types of centers), fatty ratty (really ugly rat gummy candy) and trash teeth (gummy candy as well). I'm also going to get some cheap traditional candy (nothing like caramels or raisins) but I'm thinking of putting the freaky candy in a special bag and asking children if they want candy or if I should get them something from my spooky bag and tell them that I put dead rats, teeth I find on the road, and eyeballs I take from people in there. Heh.
  • Smirnoff. But... that's got nothing to do with halloween or children. And none of your business! Hmph.
Well, after looking at that I realize that I didn't get any skulls. Hm. Wonder if I should go back tomorrow. I do have my coffin with the skeletons carved on it that I got years ago. I could also just cut some out of paper and such. I would prefer not having to leave the house tomorrow. Oh yeah, and I got Batman Begins to watch tonight. Wheeeeeeeee for me!


The Bears said...

Sounds spooooky!

We wish we were there to help. But mayboo not much help. Bears like us not good at scaring peoploo. Mayboo you could find a flesh-n-blood Bear to help.

Now we have to go find Jim. Halloween's in two days, and we haven't seen any Halloween caaaandy yet.

OK Boo

Cali said...

Halloween is by far my favorite time of year- I am very envious of all of your decoration!! In a oh my god where the hell did the movers pack/put my halloween decorations...yup today is halloween and *sigh* still no halloween deco's - I do have a pumpkin but I will be living vicariously through yours...