Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas already?

I've already received christmas presents! At my Christmas dinner with Florence, she got me Sin City, a wonderful silver chain with a beautiful charm, and a kitty angel pin (it was made in Alberta). We had a wonderful dinner, we spend most of it talking about sex. Letsee, so I've finished a few presents but I still have a ways to go. It's crazy I tell you. I started knitting a present for one of my friends, but then I found this yarn that screamed out her name (hint: A-something-e) so now I'm going to do something with the new yarn so now I have a nearly finished other knitting project with no home so I am going to finish it but I dunno what's going to happen to it. I may just keep it as a spare incase I forgot anyone. I'm also really not allowed to buy more yarn for awhile, not because of money, but because I have sooooo much yarn. So much. I handed in my knit for kids last week, (If I can wing it the picture should be below) they received over 1000 items for the salvation army (knit for kids is a thing that Lewiscraft puts on that you can knit kids items for winter and return them and the sally ann hands them out during winter). Well, I need to go study like an insane person who has left a lot of her studying too late and slept in again this morning. I'm also listening to my new CD: Pink Floyd The Wall. Heh. I am so friggin' cool.


The Bears said...

Great job on the knit for kids!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

And we love the Bear hat you gave Jim for Christmoos!

OK Bye

Jenn said...

You did such a great job on the knit for kids stuff! I was in awe!!