Monday, December 05, 2005

Spawnkitty for sale!

Get 'em while their bad! Vulcan Spawnkitty Spike limited time offer! This Spawnkitty likes to knock over garbage cans, jump on the counter, and attack expensive storebought buns in plastic bags while his pets are away. He's a sturdy Spawnkitty, being able to knock over scratching posts and still sometimes scale door frames. He is heavy into the corruption of other kitties and will often pin crimes on them successfully. His likes are eating vegtables off cutting boards, lying in human laps while they are trying to do stuff, and shedding. His dislikes include shower curtains, wrapping paper, and being picked up. A limited time offer, Spawnkitty Spike* is going for only 99.99$!!

*Spawnkitty Spike is not actually for sale. Any money received will be considered belated Spike birthday presents and spent on tuna and yarn. While Spike has lapses of saneness, his pet still loves him immensly. The way he is a total lapwhore, how affectionate he is even to strangers now, how he rushes to the door (most of the time) when she gets home, how he doesn't eat her yarn as much as he used to, when he sleeps on her feet and night and purrs when she moves, when he burrows under the blankets and hides in corners, when he mews and then collapses and rolls at her feet, when he pushes himself around on his back by bracing his feet against the wall, and when he stares out the window, protecting the home.


Jenn said...

They really were in rare form last night - no?

Buy this one and get a free orange version as a bonus gift!

The Bears said...

Do the kitties (and their pets) need for the kitties to have a vacation in Manhattoo with the Bears?

OK Bye

Anonymous said...

As Spike's temporary owner for 6 weeks before he went to his permanent home in P.G. I will take credit for all the good habits he exhibits. That would be in the second part of the posting, not the first. Mom