Friday, December 16, 2005

Day one of ninteen complete

So I have ninteen days in total where I am not obligated to do anything school related if I don't want to. Now granted, I'm a total loser keener who has already bought two textbooks and started reading them but that's beside the point. The point is that I have realize now the importance of these days, their holiness, their sacredness, and their motto, as Jeff would say, is 'today's special', and it is people, it is. So each day I am going to wake up and think of something I can do that will remind me of how grateful that day is, a day where school isn't a factor. Doesn't have to be big, quite small, maybe insignificant to the untrained eye, but never-the-less, it will mean something to me. So today, I spend about three hours deciding (and as yet, undecided) a stitch pattern for which to start my latest project. That's right, three hours deciding a stitch pattern! Oh the power of it all! I looked through all my books and magazines, tried out some, frogged them all, then decided to walk to the library, then decided it was too cold, then went online and searched for patterns, then Jenn took me [/heart] to the library and I flipped through book after book (when it comes to knitting books, the PG library is painfully out of date, which isn't that big of a problem cause a lot of the older stuff has some neat techniques in it but they have an entire vogue collection from the 80s that is one big tacky sweater after another), and then I came home and looked through all the books I had gotten and tried some more, then resorted back to a previous idea and frogged that time after time again and yeah. It was great. Three hours! (there were lots of break inbetween for sushi and such but you get the idea)
So that was my wheeeee no school thing of day one. I also kinda worked on my room (sorted laundry and papers), did dishes, sushi lunch with Jenn, grocery shopping, and played Sims. My first family that I ever started on Sims2, the Fables, well their twin girls just grew into teenagers and they just moved into a new house and Milla and Ashley are thinking of having another baby after her next promotion. Hee... wow.... I completely sound like I have no life or maybe.... I really don't have a life.


Anyhoo, speaking of my own life, I have about... letseehere..... 6, yup, 6 people I have to call this week. Two of them are unreturned phone calls because school = irresponsible negligent Leone. I also haven't sent out my christmas cards yet. Maybe they will be Happy New Years cards, or Valentine cards. I dunno.

Oh yeah, and if anyone can get me one of these, I will marry you! (or not, whatever). Alright, I'm outta here. I'm going to bed. I'll blog again soon and let you know what I'm doing to truely appreciate these holiest of days. Hope you all do the same! Hooray for not going to universityl!

editors note: I just read this and holy crap am I having tense issues or what? I'm not going to change it because I'm quite tired and I believe that is the main source of difficulties here but I just wanted to point out my own awareness of my inability to stay in the present, the past, or the furture. Meh. And thanks for reading.


The Bears said...

Good job. We try to make every day special, too.

Sometimes we'll sit for hours... just... being...


*much transcendence of Bears*

OK Bye
Dalai "Stompy" Lama

Anonymous said...

For me, being off school means just one thing - counting the days, the hours, the minutes until you are home.

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