Thursday, December 08, 2005

crazed carb filled caffeine day (and some smirnoff)

oh so tired

had lots of bread today... toast... subway six inch honey oat.... terayki chicked burger... half a paninni (spelling wrong)... so much bread. I feel like a seagull I guess.

I studied at starbucks today and got my free (messed up previous order) venti latte, then my new best friend who works there made me a chai eggnog latte and a chantico and a sampler of a strawberry creme frappucino then I went to school and had an americano. and i had a pepsi (first one since thanksgiving canada). and nearly two litres of water. I peed a lot today.

so... i've been studying... then working.... then taking an exam (monday education)... then working.... then studying... I usually get to the school around 830 with jenn then study till one thirty then go home and eat and go to work between three or four then work till nine but oh ho ho I had today off of work! so I woke up at 8 and left the house at nine fifteen and studied at starbucks and at school till 6 when i took my exam for the worst class ever and I really, really, really did not do well but i could actually fail the exam and still get a b (if i didn't take the exam i would have still gotten a c+) which is crazy cause i mean for a class to be the worst class ever and i still have a good grade... i mean, it's got to be really bad then. and then after that, i studied some more for my exam tomorrow morning... and i also had a cooler because it was bought for me. heh... while studying... but after my exam. not like it would have made a difference. really. got home at nine thirty. so yeah. nice day off eh?

going to bed now... once i've finished brushing my teeth.

as the kayla would say.... tootles


nowhere said...

the endless caffeine related drink names that tumble in and out of consciousness.

julia said...

tee hee...

yer funny when yer crazy

The Bears said...

You know, you can replace all that bread with caaaandy. Caaaandy is like supoo-charged bread.

Sleep well.

OK Bye
Daphne Rose

Jenn said...

Yes, and you were wired and drunk when you got home last night and just kinda slumped on the couch and stared at the wall.

So today you are sleeping.


Leone said...

yes... I slept right through my two hour alloted time to study before work. Oh well, I'll do the last half hour cramming session that paid off so well last year. Caaaandy for short term rote memorization!

Adrienne said...

you make me laugh, and I love you for it! and Yay! for caffeine.