Wednesday, February 01, 2006

School.... meh

Heh. It's been a fun week. First, let me lay out my Monday to you....

Wake up: hm, throats a little dry. Oh well, PG is a dry place. Lalala.
Get to school: Feeling a little scratchy in my throat, craving hot tea. Not good.
Go to class: Throat is sore, got that snot thing where you can't blow your nose but you can feel it in the absolute back of your nose, dripping into your throat. Become very bitchy and miserable.
Lunchtime: Mope. Have a hard time swallowing food. Noticing that I am growing tired, blame drinking of tea instead of coffee.
Studying at 1pm in the library: Mope and scowl. Having a hard time focusing on studies. Constant dry throat, no matter how much tea or water I drink. Refuse to acknowledge growing illness as I had dedicated myself to four hours at school researching my biology paper due at 3pm on Wednesday.
Home at 3pm: Fall asleep while studying, throat is burning, same with sinuses. Have gone home three hours ahead of schedule. Very, very bitchy.
4pm: After drinking that lemon-medicine drink and flipping channels for an hour, try to sleep but can't because I can't breathe out my nose and keep on choking.
630pm: get up from lying in bed for two and a half hours to watch Project Runway. Jenn has gone to work out so nobody can hear my whinings. Whine anyways.
7pm: Project Runway. I am so happy that Santio got bitch slapped! Woohoo!
Nighttime: Jenn finds me sinustab and I lie down for a horrid, horrid sleep... or lack of it. I think I slept from 12 to 1 and 4 to 6.

So... note the whole lack of study or research happening? Right. Tuesday I won't lay out for you because it was mostly sleeping, sneezing, coughing, taking hot baths because my whole body hurt, writing one crappy paper that was due that night (I emailed it) and one hour of looking at my paper for biology. Oh yeah, then I went to the walk in clinic and got a prescription for a throat infection. Which, in case you were wondering, I had to stop my doctor from leaving the room to ask 'what did you prescribe me?' and 'what do you think I have?' cause he wasn't going to take the time to tell me if I hadn't. Anyhoo...

Wednesday! Today! My painkillers have helped with the whole body ache but I'm sneezing (the bad sneezes, where if I don't have a kleenex there is snot everywhere!) and coughing and it's funny because nobody sat next to me on the bus which was nice. I skipped my first two classes in order to write my paper for biology. Which the writing wasn't that hard, but the tables took so much time, and then I started on the graphs but I forgot how to do them, and the graph program on excel isn't really all that user friendly, so I flip to my lab manuel and realize that I need to put my standard deviations in the table, so I had to go back and do that, then I only had half an hour to do my graphs, finally figured them out, had time to do one of three before realizing I had to go. It was horrid, realizing I had to hand in a paper that was incomplete, missing two graphs. So I go, with my snotty nose, froggy voice, and mope infront of my lab class. Then I realize something. Nobody else has a paper with them.

That's right people.

The bloody paper is due next week.

Me and my kleenex are going to watch TV and mope.


Jill said...

awww, that sucks that you're not feeling well. But it's cool that you're 90% done your paper for next week! I think you need some 'you' time- take it easy for crying out loud.

And oh, I finally found my skipping rope if you still want to borrow it (sometime not now).

Adrienne said...

Oh man, when I call you (sometime in the near future) we'll totally have to indulge ourselves in some serious ranting about 1. statistics, and 2. making graphs on excel, the most unwieldly program ever. It's like some sort of black hole, sucking in your time and soul.

Helen said...

Hi,I'm one of Mgan's friends *waves*

Hope you're all better soon- have ginger tea, ginger's meant to be good for colds.

And kiwi fruit have more vitamin C than oranges, did you know that? Weirdly enough, bananas have more vitamin C than apples. That surprised me.

The Bears said...

Feel bettoo!

*many Bear hugs*

OK Bye
Blinky and All the Bears