Saturday, December 02, 2006

Politics and sports

is all that is on TV today! Crap and double crap.

Just a quick blog about the mass amount of knitting I've done since last night and this morning. I knit and knit and knit and have little bruises on both my fingertips from the needles all to finish a Christmas present. This particular present is knit in 5 identical sections. I mean, I've knit it before so I know how it goes so I didn't bother to look up the instructions again. Foolish, foolish Leone. So, guess how many sections I knit? 6. Yup. About an hour of extra un-needed knitting that I now get to frog. Excellent.

It's okay to put vodka in your coffee at 1:30pm if you mess up knitting right? That's a given isn't it?


Annika said...

I prefer whiskey.

Anonymous said...

Vodka in your coffee? I suppose that's allowed, but it sounds nasty. :) It's okay about the hat... the extra knitting is good practice, right? :)

Leone said...

seriously, I can put vodka in anything.

Eileen said...

I misread the beginning of your entry and thought you said it was about the mass amount of drinking you've done. I thought it was a highly amusing and unlikey scenario to misread about.

Then I saw the bit about the vodka! ;)

Anonymous said...

1:30 pm is a full hour and a half after noon. I see no problem with vodka in your coffee at 1:30 pm. Well, I would prefer kahlua or Bailey's, but it's your coffee, so yeah, vodka it is.