Friday, March 30, 2007

200 and a new book!

So I haven't blogged lately because school has been soooo stressful and I got sick so I didn't have anything nice to blog about & it's my 200th post so I wanted it to be slightly interesting. I figure today is a good day to blog because I decided it was going to be a good day, ergo, happy blogging. Well, first of all I slept in till 9, which was wonderful! I've been waking up around 6ish this week and that just kinda kills me. Then I read blogs and ate cold pizza and watched the Price Is Right and wrote poetry till 11, when the mailman came and brought me the Yarn Harlot's new book! Here's a shot of Blinky saving my spot from the kitties so I could come blog. We're reading it together. Now there is a lot of stuff to do this weekend. My killer week is over thank goodness. I had a sex presentation on Tuesday for my education class with the POO prof. It was a lot of fun, we stressed why teachers need to know sexual education even if they aren't teaching it and at the end of the class we had a group activity where one person is blindfolded and wearing oven mitts and has to get a condom onto a banana. It was hilarious! Cutie Patotie boy tried it and he ended up breaking the banana, it was so funny! And then this darling young lady in our class, so sweet and nice, got the condom on the banana in 30 seconds, it was hilarious, she was so amazed at herself. Three hours after that I had another presentation for my women's studies class on Andrea Dworkin and Josephine Butler which went well even though I was freaky nervous beforehand, I think because I really wasn't feeling well, as I wasn't getting much sleep at that point. Then on Wednesday my paper was due, and on Thursday I had a quiz in my POO class. Meh. So this weekend I need to work on my poetry, here's a shot of one of my artsy poems
It's taken a lot longer than I thought it would but hopefully it ends up the way I hoped. I am also still writing and editing a lot of my poetry. Our chatbook should be about 35 pages and I believe I have around that but there are a lot of poems I don't know if I want to put in so I'm still writing a lot, and I have to find all the poems I wrote randomly, like in my textbooks or on scraps of paper on my floor somewhere. And of course there is knitting, just not that much since I have barely been home. My sari silk shawl was coming along so quickly but I haven't worked on it for the past five days! Sigh. Here's some shots of it but it's really hard to show the detail right now cause it's all scrunched up on the needles.
I'm really pleased with it. I have made a minor/major booboo but meh. It's all good. You also can't really frog with this yarn cause it frays quite easily. I work on my sock in the wee bits of time I get on the bus or before classes start. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it, but I think it's due mostly to the beautiful yarn. I've started increasing for my calves (which by the way, are freaky huge. Okay, my ankles are 8 inches around and my calves are 16!!! That is when I'm flexing them but ohmylord! Deformed much?)The white bit is Spike by the way. He started posing around everything I was taking a picture of in an attempt to plead with the readers to send him fresh tuna. He's wasting away you see, skin and bones that one. I did take it picture to please him than he immediately settled down into his kitty bed. Oh the abuse. Oh yeah, and I'm also taking a weaving class but I have no pictures yet of the shawl I'm weaving. It's gorgeous! The only thing about being social and having a cold is by the time I get home I have no voice. Poor mom probably thinks that I'm five times worse than I say I am because when I talk to her in the evening I'm croaking like a frog. I think I am getting better though. This morning I had absolutely no voice which is really hard when the cats are being bad and all I can do is breathe out in their direction, but as the day progressed it returned and I'm feeling better. Oh yeah, and everytime you think it's spring in Northern BC, guess what? It bloody snows.

And here's the yarn I've got soaking in the crock pot! I've already dyed some but I'll wait till I've finished dying this one then I'll post the pictures. I've taken it from this article by this lovely hilarious lady and am having a lot of fun. I was on the phone with my friend Reanne when I was preparing the yarn and she accused me of being too crafty but in a good way. It was funny. You may have had to been there, but trust me, funny.
And of course, couldn't end the blog without some kitty pictures. I'm planning on going to 300 tonight if it isn't sold out again, so yeah, wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Back to my book!

oh so sleepy Chuck.


Jenn said...

You're slow cooking the yarn?

And cute kitty pictures!

Anonymous said...

Our crockpot is full of yarn and dye?

In other comments...

YAY! for getting your presenations done. And YAY! for a new book by the Yarn Harlot!

Very cute pictures of Blinky, Spike and Chuck. Say "Hi" to all of them for me.