Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy International Women's Day

Shouldn't every woman be allowed to sleep in on this day and get free foot massages? Cause, I'd kill for one right now. Seriously though folks, calm down in the back, I'm just going to take a minute and reflect on what this day means to me. I am so insanely fortunate to be surrounded by all the wonderful women in my life. My Mom, who, I mean, is so amazing, I really don't know who I'd be without her because she has helped me realize so much of myself and my abilities. My Grandmothers, Shirley and Hazel, who have these amazing dry wits and calculating humour that makes me want to grow up so I can be like them. My sisters, Julia and Jennifer, who are the yin and yang in my life and who I need more than anybody else in my life. My Aunt Shirley, who makes everyone happy and is the ultimate artist. My cousins, Lisa, Jessica, and Susan, who are those women that no matter the distance or the time I know I can always rely on. My friends who I've carried with me for so long, Jodi, Sheena, Kayla, & Adrienne, all amazing women who I am so proud of and it makes me estastic to be around. And well, me too, cause I rock. And I'd like to thank the academy... oh wait, that's for my leading role as Angelina Jolie's lover in the forthcoming 'Angie Loves Leone'. God I really hope I didn't forget anyone. Thanks to all the amazing women bloggers, and the amazing women Bears for all the cuddles! Love love!


The Bears said...

Happy International Women's Day, Leone!

OK Sisterhood
Daphne Rose and Calliope

julia said...


bet you made mom cry. happy boobies day to you too!

Sheena said...

Happy Women's Day to you, too Leone! I'm so happy to be your friend!
love love!!

Jenn said...

Yay, I finally have time to read some blogs!

xoxo thanks yonners, this is a very amazing post!