Monday, March 26, 2007

oh Regina Spektor

I'm not a late study person. I like sleep. I mean, having lowerish blood pressure that leads to fainting spells is a good reason to get my sleep, but regardless (oh..... irregardless, yes, excellent) I prefer sleep. I will miss it for fun things, like knitting shawls, playing nitendo, or the occasional drinking with my buddies (buuuuuuuuuddy) but missing it because your editing a paper because you spent THREE hours working on a group presentation that should have taken 40 minutes but it's not that the other people in your presentation did anything wrong it's that they did TOO much and you spent hours cropping their presentations in order to make it relatively but not really close to the time limit and yeah. the presentation is tomorrow, and you have another one but thank the heavens you worked on that last week, and the paper is due on Wednesday. Sigh. Anyhoo, I'm tired. I've been eating crap for the past three days because of the group studying (pizza, chips & salsa, timbits... sigh), it's a good thing I have good stuff when I am home (mmmm..... soup soup soup!). Right so I'm tired, sugar and grease intoxicated, editing my paper, and singing along to Regina Spektor (LOVE HER!) really loudly so Spike came over and slapped my leg than walked away. I mean, I shouldn't complain, my people I'm presenting with are SO funny, so wrong, and they are great, but I'm not overly happy with the presentation, and I just dislike group presentations overall. Meh. And yeah, so okay, back to the editing. I just had to blog about the singing. Oh.... the CD ended and now it's Nicole Kidman and Robbie Williams!!!! ARRRGGHHHH! okay, I fixed it.


Jenn said...

Spike isn't one for holding in his emotions, is he..


The Bears said...

Too much singing for Spike... Hee!

And sorry about the group presentation. I always hated doing them in school.


Carmen said...

You MUST race to Winners where they have pointy skull shoes for $24.99... if I knew your size I would have bought you a pair.... RACE... not WALK... they are COOL!!

Angela said...

Thank you for putting the cards in the mail to me! I got them yesterday , on a day when I really needed a lift.

I've got next week off, so I'm gonna attempt to take pictures of knitting so that you can see the non-vanilla socks.