Friday, March 16, 2007

Photos of..... knitting?

Who knew? So yes, a quick blog, mostly photos, of my most recent knittings. The Skully Yoke Sweater is done! Done I say! Here's my coy picture in it. See how coy I am? It's a bad photo but I'm so coy in it. The living room comes across as much more messy than it is. I was wearing my houserobe (the red thing on the couch) and all the foreground stuff is the stuff on the mantle of the fireplace. But back to the sweater... it's done!!!!Here's a slightly better shot of the skulls that line the yoke and the sleeves. And in previous posts I commented that I thought there was going to be about 200 stray ends to weave in just with the yoke, but I'm happy to say that I counted and there were only 170 ends in the yoke to weave in. There's Jenn in the background, being crafty.
The skulls continue all the way around. It's not suppose to be off the shoulder but I knit the skulls too big because I was worried about the intarsia pulling in the stitches and making it too small but as it turns out.... nope, that didn't happen (it happened in my swatch dammit). Regardless, the sweater still works.
Another shot of the yoke. Sigh. I'm wearing the sweater tonight at a fundraiser or something that I'm going to. The owner of the LYS, Darlene, asked me if I could help her woman the knitting table that she's setting up. We have this wonderful big bulky wool in cream and are teaching or getting people to knit squares that then may hopefully turn into a blanket. And the theme of the evening is CHOCOLATE!!! I'm planning on a sugar comatose by midnight. It was soooo nice of Darlene to ask me to come, I'm very very excited. And I get to wear my sweater! I'm hoping it will be cool in there for the chocolate not to melt because a sweater knit at a tiny gauge made out of wool? I'm not getting frostbite in this one, despite the fact that it's a veritable blizzard outside! ARGH I HATE THE WEATHER!!! But my boootiful sweater eases my worries.

And the new sock! Knit toe up! It's a hybrid of Wendy's toe up socks and this cuff down pattern from Knitty. And this sock yarn is like crack. It's just amazing. It's Lorna's Laces in Crazy Stripes, and I had the label three seconds ago but it's gone missing so I'll get back to you on it. My tattoo looks like a fiddlehead in this picture. Heh, snort.
Fuzzy progression.
I'm going to have to figure out what to do with my giant calves. I was going to go up needle sizes but that will loosen the gauge and I'm knitting these with 2mm instead of my 1.75mm so I don't want to go up even more. I'm thinking instead of 6 stitches between the swirls I could make it 7 stitches, or I could divide some of the stitches, like right now they are knit 6 purl 3 knit 6 purl 3 but I'm thinking if I increase into the purls, one stitch a row until they are purl 6, and then split them, that would be cool but would require some math.

And some sock porn socks before I go. Enjoy.


Jenn said...

Nice pictures! And yes, our living room looks a little insane in that picture. And, might I add, backwards.

Angela said...


As far as your neckline goes, I like the off-the-shoulder look. And swatches lie. We all know that.

I've just finished the first of Roza's Socks from IK. It's my first non-vanilla sock pattern! Very exciting.

Annika said...

Oh, your sweater. I love it, I love it, I love it!

brooke t. higgins said...

The sweater is FABULOUS! I love it and it looks GREAT on you. :)

And the sock is very cool too. Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater!

The backwards living room, with the reflections of things on the mantle in the foreground, really confused me. It actually took me a couple seconds to figure out where you were standing when you took the picture. :-)


Sheena said...

I can't wait to see the sweater in person!